My Second Franken-Date was with The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein & It was Surprisingly Good for an Anthology!



Words that I Learned:




Words that I Loved:

Nautch (girls) as in dancing (girls)
Attar (of roses) as in perfume (of roses)


Words that Stayed with Me:

(About Suttee) “Which district officer in the land did not pray that he would never encounter it?”

“Manny used to say we loved each other, but how the fuck do I know. I feel happier when she’s around, that’s all I know. She doesn’t have any teeth and her left arm’s gone and they’ve taken both of her ovaries, but I like her. She makes me laugh.”

“…several Japanese giant monster films have Frankenstein forced into their titles for German release, since Frankenstein is a generic term for monster in Germany.”




A Complete Woman by Roberta Lannes:

A doctor decides to make a complete woman.

Last Call for the Sons of Shock by David J. Schow:
Blank Frank, the Count, and the Wolfman all get together to reminisce.


 Chandira by Brian Mooney:
A pre-partition story set in the Indian subcontinent about a rishi who loved all his wives a little too much.


 Completist Heaven by Kim Newman:
A completist decides to catalog all the movies he watches. His dish antenna starts making more work for him by creating more of them!


The Temptation of Dr. Stein by Paul J. McAuley:
A doctor has a run in with another doctor, Dr. Pretorious.

To Receive is Better by Michael Marshall Smith:
Evil science clones kids for a very wrong reason.

The Dead End by David Case:
Another Frankenstein tries to play god but this one is way dastardlier than Victor ever was! ✮ 

Frankenstein by Jo Fletcher:
A poem about Frankenstein and the monster he created. ✮