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This isn't the type of ATLAS that has maps in it. This is the type of atlas that has tables, illustrations, some maps that a...
Disappointing. This book LOOKS pretty but the contents are superficial, with many factual errors, poor quality maps and half...
This is a choose your own path novel following the story as told by Jules Verne in 20 000 Leagues Under the Seas. This novel...
TITLE: Why Dinosaurs Matter AUTHOR: Kenneth Lacovara DATE PUBLISHED: 2017 FORMAT: Hardcover ISBN-13: 978150112010...
My bicycle used to be one of the most important things I owned. I was never a neon-spandex- cleated-shoe-wearing- out-with-my...
I love waking up to a busy feed!
My distraction has reached a fever point, and I have 4 books on the go right now, so some streamlining needs to happen! I w...
It's been awhile since I've read book 1, but this read like it was taking place (at least the first 1/2) at the same time as ...
AND a cat with cleaner paws. Not Easter-cat, her paws are always as clean as they are dainty. But after this picture was ta...
My computer issues were terminal after all. I'm a little bit heartbroken at the moment. :( My next steps are figuring out ...
It's gorgeous and it's 5kg / 11lbs. Not sure how I'm going to go about reading it without a lectern. :D
Ok, now I've got my board, I've got my dice, my game piece, and my first book read. That book was 250 pages long, so it earn...
TITLE: The Re-Origin of Species: A Second Chance For Extinct Animals AUTHOR: Torill Kornfeldt TRANSLATOR: Fio...
1, Another author whining about one star reviews who then stalked the review. Update - the author has since delated the twee...

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Kingdom Come
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A Mere Formality
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Dark Blood
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