The Mammoth Book Of Frankenstein - Stephen Jones




Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: I have already reviewed the book that started it all! Go here to read my review. ★★★★



A New Life by Ramsey Campbell: The mad Doctor tries to resurrect someone who died recently. There isn't much of a story but you can see that the author has a way with words. I'll hold on to my judgement until I have read more by him. ★



The Creator by R. Chetwynd-Hayes: An unflappable aunt, a dead grandpa, an uncle who is still alive, and a monster are all caught up in the middle of an inventor's plans. ★★★



Better Dead by Basil Copper: A husband loves his Frankenstein movies just a bit too much. A resentful wife who doesn't! ★



Creature Comforts by Nancy Kilpatrick: The author's right -- Frankenstein's monster would make a good rockstar! ★★★


Mannikins of Horror by Robert Bloch: What animates us as opposed to a clay mannikin? Trapped in a mental asylum, a patient finds out! ★★



El sueño de la razon by Daniel Fox: A child who is constructed in a lab, not born, tries in vain to be accepted by his peers. ★★★



Pithcanthropus rejectus by Manly Wade Wellman: The ape-human hybrid who was neither and both. ★★



Tantamount to Murder by John Brunner: The Marquis was going to revive his not so recently-dead wife. If only people believed in his abilities! ★★★




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