Feral is Set in a You Guessed it... Feral World!

— feeling bloody
Feral: Palimpsest, Book 1 - P.J. Post


YA. Dystopian. A boy and a girl meet in trying circumstances and don’t trust each other. The girl is too cool and the guy has a chequered past. There are extremely bad guys out to get them. Sounds like it has all been done before. Right? Wrong! 

The way this author tells the story made it different. For instance, the guy isn’t a teenager who has no clue how to survive when we meet him and then suddenly becomes G.I.Joe. He is already tough and out of fucks. Secondly, he doesn’t fall for the girl just because she is pretty. But because he has a debt to pay.

I liked the violent world that we are thrown in right from the start. But what I would have loved is to be told more about how it came to be like this. Maybe we find that out in the upcoming books?

I found only one typo, so that’s something.