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The Emerald Key - Mark Frederickson, Melora Pineda

The Emerald Key by Mark Frederickson is a fun filled adventure for all ages.


If you like dragons, I LOVE dragons, this baby will steal your heart.





The Emerald Key by Mark Frederickson is a fun filled adventure for kids of all ages. When I read about magic and dragons, I knew I wanted to go with them and I love that the action began  early.


Laci lives mostly through books. Her best friend, Penny, stands up for her when she won’t do it for herself. They are opposites, Penny is an athlete and a chic dresser. Laci is a bookworm and dresses for comfort. She’s a bit of a klutz too.


In the attic, the girls find a hidden box and the adventure is set in motion.


Four teens, a book of magic and a baby dragon…

“Poisonous snakes, dragons, cliffs and traps? Guessing this isn’t a big tourist destination.”

A fun story of traveling through portals with a fire breathing baby dragon, dodging styggs, Chuvashia, Hellblaze Wyvers, Vardo Witches, Glem fog, pirates and deadly vines, all to return him to his home.


I can’t figure out who they can trust or who will betray them.


I do wonder if one mystery will be solved and they will return home with more than they started out with…or less.


What would you think if the fantasy world you read about became a reality and you were in it?


The Emerald Key made me think of Neverending Story. A book is an adventure, but what happens when magic brings it to life?


I love action and adventure and we also have a mystery to solve. All the characters have an important part to play and I hope if I ever fall down the rabbit hole I have friends like Laci’s to accompany me.


The ending was fabulous and if you like a smile on your face when you close a book, then this will be good one.

I received a copy of The Emerald Key from Mark Frederickson.

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