— feeling angry
The Remains - Vincent Zandri


What I thought:

that the book began well. The author managed to capture my attention and keep for a while.

for a book with a predictable storyline, it seemed too long. We knew that Whalen was coming back, that he would be abducting Rebecca and try to kill her. Yet the story was more than 200 pages long.

the author kept building up what had happened to the MC and her sister when they were kids. It was supposed to be something really horrible. When the great reveal came, it read that they escaped before anything could happen. I did not want a graphic scene but I did want the bad thing that had killed the MC's sister and parents to actually be bad.

i recently came across an article that caused all the hullabaloo on Special Needs in Strange Worlds. It has made me wary about claiming to know about things I have no idea about. Thus, I do not know if the author dealt with the autistic character in the right way or not. However, the character did go from being monosyllabic in the beginning to a talker in the end.

Lastly, there were details that surfaced conveniently when the author needed them to. That isn't to say that other books do not do so, they just do it subtly.