More Observations than a Review

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The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett


That faux Botany is everywhere:


Plants on the disc, while including the categories known commonly as annuals, which were sown this year to come up later this year, biennials, sown this year to grow next year, and perennials, sown this year to grow until further notice, also included a few re-annuals which, because of an unusual four-dimensional twist in their genes, could be planted this year to come up last year


Life must be hard for Hydrophobes:


Several times Rincewind noticed hydrophobes — their ingrained expressions of self-revulsion at their own bodily fluids — were distinctive




Twoflower had spat. The hydrophobe screamed and dropped his hand as though it had been stung.


Delicious literary deliciousness:


Death sat in His garden, running a whetstone along the edge of His scythe. It was already so sharp that any passing breeze that blew across it was sliced smoothly into puzzled zephyrs.


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