Her Dark Destiny

Her Dark Destiny - Dave Ferraro I read this book as a part of Read to Review by "Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics!" It started off with a bang and I simply loved the surprise of the prostitute moping one second and going Buffy the next! After that, it all went downhill. It was really hard getting myself immersed in the story. In fact, I think I would have liked it better, if I could have just skipped the first half of the book. The description of The Agency Mansion went on for pages-yes, I got it..the mansion's really cool but move on!! And then there's Shanna. She claims to have a connection with Cameron. Other than discussing a few comic books, I fail to see any bonding between them. And then came Damien..its Twilight all over again. The supposed darkness that Shanna starts to feel by the middle of the book left me feeling clueless. If it was a part of her, where had it been for the first half of the story? Natalie was another character that just irked me. She seemed to be a one woman army, I didn't buy it at all. I liked how Noel and Jordan paired up and Jordan's confusion to being attracted to a guy who was also a vampire was very real. I also liked the part about how Moras are conceived and I hope we see more of them in the next book. I'll give the series another try before I give it up for good.