Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 2 - Nancy Holder, Diana G. Gallagher, Christopher Golden, Joss Whedon Halloween Rain (2 stars):
Jeepers Creepers meets a zombie flick. When Halloween arrives, the dead rise. Adding to the fearsome mixture is a scarecrow possessed by the evil spirit of Samhain. Liked the humor as always but the slang used by Buffy and her friends is just weird in places. I also liked how the scarecrow seemed to instill fear into everybody, including the Slayer.

Bad Bargain (3 stars):
During a sale at the High School, various creatures find their way out of the Hellmouth and attack students and teachers alike. Of course, Spike and Dru were attending the sale. Not only does Buffy have to call a truce with Spike, she also has to work with a demonic Pied Piper to send the creatures back. I loved the looks Buffy exchanged with Angel when he arrives on the scene but was disappointed we didn't get to see the couple on their date.

Afterimage (3 stars):
A bit more of Angel and I loved it. Angelus' drinking buddy comes to Sunnydale and tries to feed on people's souls by putting them into comas. Cordelia's parts were written really well. My favorite out of the three.