Radar Love

Radar Love - Jason Z. Christie, Johnnie Christie
I got this book for free, in exchange for an honest review from Making Connections. Get your copy here.

You know those movies where you root for the bad guys because they aren’t actually bad?


This is one such story. This book is about two people in love-Chris and Janique and to what lengths they’d go to stay together.
Granted this book tries to make light of the issue of drug use but lesser so than in other books by the same author.
Chris is the guy we’ve all met-he’s the student who gets bored in the class because he knows everything already. Janique is the spoilt rich girl who finds new depths when she applies herself. The couple face a lot of opposition from the girl’s parents even before they go “Boonie & Clyde” (minus the killing).
Once apprehended and thrown in jail, they decide they wont let that deter them from living together forever. Then starts the awesome scheming and manipulating of the system while still in prison.
I enjoyed every bit of the book but of course, the last half was my favorite just because it was even more fast paced. The action, humor and quirkiness doesn’t let up even once. Give this one a try, if only to read a fun book!

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