Morningstar - Darcy Town
I really liked this book for various reasons:

it took the story of heavenly strife and turned it on its head

the supporting characters were each shown a lot of love

it was a chunkster but like Alana said, it was worth it!

the author does great one liners and I'm already a fan of her sense of humor after reading Wastes of Space.

Helion was the cutest-he was like a lost puppy..a kid discovering simple delights like food and shopping.

Reading about Lucifer behaving like a guy smitten with love was interesting and the way he switched back to his old archaic self when hurting was awesome!


be warned that there's a lot of silliness-Belial, Andy and Paimon behave like teenagers..a lot! If you don't want to read about ancient demons acting that way, you might not wanna read this.

not much actually "happens" in the book till the ending.

the way Furcas and Paimon reverted back to being Faith and Patience and just "magically" solved all of Dahlia's problems was a bit annoying.

Already looking forward to the next one!

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