Urchin King

Urchin King - Katharina Gerlach
I won this book in a blog giveaway (so sorry, I can't remember which blog) and the author kindly sent it to Pakistan.

What I liked:

that even though the heroine was a MC, she held her own-there were times when she was the one who encouraged Paul and still others when he showed her what should be done. They made a good team

that Rupert was so used to tuning the rest of the world out when he didn't want to listen that it became his strength when facing the evil sorcerer

that Mogart had something good in him

What I didn't like:

everybody had unusual names, except for (maybe) Paul & Rupert, who had the most mundane names

that the Law that had kings killing their own (and others) babies was just dissolved at the end-too easy

the whole soul-binding-evil-guy stank of Voldemort and his Horcruxes

This is a good book-not too long- and a good choice for youngsters (and us) just starting to discover the wonderful world of high fantasy.

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