Bad Hair Day is Good Without Being Too YA About Things

— feeling big smile
Bad Hair Day - Carrie Harris


I reviewed the first book in the series in 2012. Go here to read that review.


Since I liked the humor, I decided to try the sequel as well. The checklist of pros that I listed for the first book remained the same:

Humor done well
Beautiful and relevant cover
Interesting plot and its resolution
Quick read
Fast paced story
Science and paranormal elements balanced beautifully

One of the issues that I had with the first book was absent from this one. This time around, there was a little more participation from the adults in the MC's world.

What else this book had going for itself:

The MC is a girl who knows how geeky she is and does not let anyone make her feel ashamed of it. The way she deals with another girl trying to flirt with her boyfriend makes her a role model for teenagers. She knows her worth and tells the guy she'd dump him, if he won't realize how good he has it.

I liked this book enough to forgive the usual crimes a YA novel commits:

Drooling over one's romantic partner
Having trouble focusing on the ending of the world while said partner is around or worse, out of the picture!