Sad at How This One Turned Out

— feeling doubt
Doppelganger - Milda Harris


First off, I requested this book from the author in 2012 and have just gotten around to reviewing it. I want to apologize for that and thank them for giving me an opportunity to read their work.

Once upon a time, I had read the Funeral Crashing series by the same author. I was charmed by how refreshing it was, which was why I wanted to read this book. Sadly, this one didn't wow me at all.


  • All the issues that I have had with most YA books resurfaced as I read this:

    The MC was a girl who was not cool or popular enough.
    She fell for the most popular guy at school.
    There was instant attraction between them.
    She kept making stupid decisions that endangered her life every time.
    She inner-monologues a lot and worried about crushing on a guy while the whole world came down around her.

    Moreover, there were other issues specific to this book and not the genre it belongs to:
    It was too short to be called a novel and yet it has a sequel.
    It does not seem like YA to me but something meant for even younger kids.

    What I am interested in:
    How the author will make a blood-sucking doppelganger come off in a good light. It'd be something to see!
    What kind of monsters the doppelgangers turn out to be.

    If I end up reading the sequel, I am going to look at some reviews first and then decide if I want to satisfy my curiosity that badly. This book isn't for me but like I said, middle-graders might like it.