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Tasting Temptation (Forging Forever) - Aria Glazki





I love the pretty cover for Tasting Temptation by Aria Glazki. It is simple, yet hints at more than meets the eye. I think it perfectly portrays Gina, who is broken, and I want her whole again. Will she meet the man who can help her?


Tasting Temptation is Book II in the Foraging Forever series. I have read Mending Heartstrings, Book I, and wonder why I only gave it three stars after reading Gina’s story. I think because the characters are polar opposites and I can relate to Gina better than Sabella. Sabella is the goody two shoes kind of gal, while Gina is carefree and flirty with sexual innuendos lacing her dialogue. Her defenses are up and the walls are high, after being badly burned by a rich playboy and I wonder at the type of man that can heal her.


The story starts out hot and heavy and immediately grabbed my attention. To Gina, Hunter is a hot and sexy boy toy and I think I would like to play with him too. Gina meets him at the vineyard where her best friend, Sabella, is getting married. She kept telling herself the single life and casual sex with a yummy guy was for her. I think she is in for a wake up call. I think we all know what is to come, but at 18% into Gina’s story, I am hooked and loving every minute of it. We are getting to the heart of the matter and I am eager to see how it plays out.


Her past nightmare playboy has entered the picture and the abuse of wealth and privilege and his need for revenge creates an insidious evil that touches everyone who comes near her. I am so pissed at him that my anger brings tears to my eyes and I want to reach through my kindle and wreak my own havoc. I didn’t cry…until I was 90% into the story.


Novels that are strictly romance are not big on my hit list, but I love Gina and Hunter. Their romance left me as breathless as Gina was. Even though I know how Tasting Temptation will end, I can hardly wait to get there. I knew there would be a happy every after and Aria Glazki’s writing had me unable to quit until I reached it.


Did I rate Tasting Temptation by Aria Glazki higher than Mending Heartstrings because I could relate better to Gina than Sabella? Am I more invested in the characters now that I know them? Can our mood at the time of reading affect how much we enjoy a story. What do you think?


I received a copy of Tasting Temptation by Aria Glazki in return for an honest review.

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