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Body and Bone: A Novel - LS Hawker

Between the cover and title for Body and Bone by L S Hawker, I don’t know which drew me in more. I love a mystery thriller and Nessa’s story supplied me with a steady supply of suspense.


Nessa’s mother haunts her every move and even worse, she married a man just like her…gimme, gimme gimme, mine mine mine. Usually a daughter marries a man like her father and I liked this nice little twist that L S Hawker supplied. But…wait…there’s more and you won’t believe where she takes the storyline.


Nessa is a strong woman, determined to manage her life on her own. She has secrets…many secrets…and she protects them by building a wall that no one can climb. No one, until Isabeau, her son’s nanny. I love this woman and she quickly becomes my favorite character. If you have a troll stalking you on the internet, she’s your gal.


But…L S Hawker made me question her motives. Could she be the troll that is stalking Nessa’s every move and trying to set her up for murder? Could the stalker be her crack addicted husband she kicked out and refuses to stay gone thinking she owes him everything she has? Could the stalker be the rapist from her past that was just released from prison? Well…I was kept guessing and I love that. I think you will too.


All the characters are richly developed with personalities that shine through, whether good or bad. Some you will love, some you will hate, but you will not forget them.


Nessa’s life is more than difficult, it is tragic. Bad choices left her with nightmares that follow her, dogging her every move. They have her looking over her shoulder, waiting for the hammer to drop. Imagiine that every noise, every knock on the door, every question asked is the one that will bring your world crashing down around you. How a person could even function at such a high level of leaves me wondering when the dam will break.


Body and Bone is a fantastic suspense thriller that has all the elements for excellent reading. L S Hawker’s writing is fast paced and jam packed with action at every turn. The twists and turns keep the mystery alive and I dare you to anticipate the ending. It blew my mind, again and again. Evil does walk among us and the worst kind of evil is the human kind. I must warn you though, once you start reading you won’t want to put it down, so plan accordingly. L S Hawker is an author I will be placing on my MUST READ list.


I received a copy of Body and Bone by L S Hawker in return for an honest review.

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