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Claws for Alarm - T.C. Lotempio

ClawsNBA High ResClaws for Alarm by T.C. LoTempio

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Claws for Alarm is a fun cozy mystery set in a small town. It is the second book in the series, but I don’t feel I missed anything by not reading it first.

Professor Thadeus C Pitt had arthritis, which forced him to turn in his paintbrush for a teaching position. He was brutal in his criticism. Not surprising that he wound up dead.

The characters all have their place in Cruz, but Nora and Nick are the stars.

Nora had given up her job as an investigative reporter and now runs Hot Bread, a sandwich shop. With the help of Nick, she has solved one mystery, so when Lacey, Nora’s sister, is arrested for the murder of the Professor it is not surprising that Nora and Nick team up to solve the case.

Now, let’s meet Nick. He is a cat with an attitude. He’s a bit plump, unable to fit in the biggest carrier Pet Palace has for sale. He also seems to have a gift. I love a critter with character and Nick is persistent and entertaining. Cozies with critters seem to be so much fun and have the ability to create a laugh or two along the way.

Claws for Alarm has more than one plot and keeps the story rolling along, teasing me with hints and clues. For me, cozy mysteries like Claws For Alarm, are easy reading with quirky characters that entertain me and allow me to relax and just enjoy the story.

I received a copy of Claws for Alarm in return for an honest review.

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