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Waterfall (The Water Crisis Chonicles Book 1) - Amber Garr



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Cover:  Emma Michaels




The premise for Waterfall and Waterproof reads like nonfiction and perhaps contains a warning. People have fought over water rights since they began claiming land as their own and the fights continue into present day. This series is a thought provoking look at a future that we could be living.


Zach and Vivienne live in a government run complex. When the facility is attacked, the big question is, will they stay or will they go.

“Why anyone thought the idiots in Washington could manage this disaster is beyond me.”

Zach’s comment has a ring of truth to it, don’t you think?


Pollution and terrorism make Vivienne’s decision for her.


Vivenne and Zach’s sexual banter had me chuckling, even though they are only “just friends”.


Does Vivienne’s desire to be a sword wielding, ass kicking ninja type come true?


As their world falls down around them and the country becomes a military state, it is the same old story, the rich survive and the poor are…well, it is not good. Who can you trust in such desperate times?


I loved Waterfall from the beginning to the end. It grabbed me early and I held on for the ride of sadness. loss, fear, terror, confusion and the struggle to survive in a world gone crazy.


The cliffhanger had me reaching for Book II, Waterproof. I think it will do the same to you.


I received Waterfall by Amber Garr in return for an honest review.


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