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Diner Knock Out - Terri L. Austin

Diner Knock Out by Terri L. Austin




Diner Knock Out
Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Henery Press (October 20, 2015)
Paperback: 302 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1943390090
E-Book ASIN: B012B59QM4




Diner  Out is the fourth book in the Rose Strickland cozy mystery series. I love the humorous writing style and snarky dialogue that kept me entertained, “cover to cover.” This is my first book of the series, but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story, though I would love to go back and find out what I missed.


Rose Strickland loves playing superhero, sometimes landing herself in some very hot water. She gave up her ritzy life, not to slum on the south side, but because she knew that was where she belonged.


Rose works for the Thomas Detective Agency, when she isn’t waitressing. Her boss, Andre is the yin to her yang, when it comes to work. She has a mind of her own, is a “bit” cocky and by going rogue, she is playing with fire.


When I first heard of her boyfriend Sullivan, the scene was so romantic and sexy. The details were left to my imagination and that worked very well for me. She’s good, him not so much. She is drawn to bad boys. The heart wants what the hearts want and she cannot deny him.


The peripheral characters have unusual names to go with their unusual personalities that make reading Diner Knock Out so much fun. Her pseudo family is unique, interesting and lovable, keeping the story lively. As her family grows, so does the fun and adventure.


Terri Austin is a master at misdirection, as I danced from one suspect to another. The suspense and mystery kept me reading, questioning and laughing while I worried and fretted over the outcome.


I received an ARC of Diner Knockout by Terri L Austin in return for an honest review.


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