— feeling angry
Succubus Lost - Tiffany Allee


What I Liked:

the writing felt much smoother

a succubus and a salamander as main characters

that the MC's sister was attacked by someone because they thought she was a succubus and would be easy. It just made things real-er!

the whole experiment and conversion thing that was the reason behind the kidnappings

the violence level felt like it belonged with the plot

What I Didn't Like:

the succubus is said to be trying really hard that she be taken seriously, especially as a cop. What is said and what is shown are completely opposite. She throws tantrums, she pouts, she does not follow procedure, she does not bother checking on whether the salamander is who he says he is, she sleeps with him and finds out that he had been using her and yet this conflict is resolved within seconds at the end

a mystery where there was none. When I met the bad guy, I didn't even think he could be the bad guy because it would have been too simple

a love affair without heat. It felt unnecessary and stank of insta-love. She liked the salamander because he was good looking; that could have been explained away because of her being a succubus but she wasn't throwing herself at every guy, was she?

Pet Peeves:

A lot of clichéd and overused phrases. I just remember one about a character's nose looking as if it had broken a lot of times

Don't Know How I Feel About This:

The plot was quite similar to the plot of the movie, Taken.