"The Harry Potter Reread: Rewatching The Order of the Phoenix Film"

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling


 From the review:


"Then Harry gets to Grimmauld Place and sees his godfather cuddling Remus Lupin"


Oh, I wish!



"She just super sunny and sweet for the majority of the film… in fact, I might go so far as to say that she seems out of character."


The Fountain at Ministry of Magic:


"On the other hand, the fountain kind of loses its cohesion because it’s split into two separate pieces; the wizard on one side, and the magical creatures on the other."




"Daniel Radcliffe asked for Harry to be dressed more like Lupin during D.A. meetings as a nod to his best defense professor, and it gives me so many FEELINGS."


Me too *sniff*


"Like the exit from the Weasley twins… which reads exactly like Merry and Pippin setting off the enormous dragon firework during Bilbo’s party at the start of Fellowship. Even the music has a similar feel during the scene, and the framing is nearly identical. I mean, would it have killed them to CGI a swamp into the Entrance Hall? I don’t think so."





From the comments section:


"For me, Hermione’s out of character introduction of Luna was very badly handled."


"The fireworks, of course, gave me the idea, but it’s not just that they’re showing off, and not just that they’re anarchistic, or confounding the great constrainer – it’s that, put with the heartbreaking scene of them quietly comforting the little first year over their torture, the great dragon and tearing down of the rules is comforting the entire school. Though Gandalf probably doesn’t experiment on younger beings for his wondrous saleable magic."


"When Sirius is trying to get Harry to leave the Ministry, and he says “You’ve done beautifully. Now let me take it from here.”


"I like this movie for basically one reason, despite some flaws:  it made me care about Sirius.  For some reason, the character never grabbed me in the books.  Not sure why, but I didn’t feel the same warmth and affection for Sirius that many people appear to. "


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