Botany and Vocab IV

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Sometimes, pretty words make me drool. They are not pretty because they describe pretty things, I like them because they sound fun or unique or aren't in common use.


The BPotD post in question, as usual, gave me another chance to express the heck outta my love for words. I imagined myself writing a story that made spectacular use of them. Not happening, I know, but I can dream!


Rhododendron(s) have some of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom. Here are some of them:






Equally beautiful are the leaves and they are associated with the words for today. The lower surface of the leaves is coated with a dusting of fine hairs that is called Indumentum. Looking the term up opened the way to more words. Here's a neat diagram that shows some of them:



The upper surface is also associated with hairdom. It is also a different color than the lower one. The hairs found here are called Tomentum and they are the leaf's defense against insect herbivores. Here is a picture:





The second I read these words, I visualized they would sound pretty awesome in a horror story. Something like:


She knew she would regret it but she could not not know. Wrapping her fingers around the glass, she held it to her lips. Here goes, she thought and not giving herself time to even complete the thought, she swallowed the draught in one big gulp. The turbidity in the glass had resembled nothing she had ever known. It did not behave like a liquid would when she downed it either. As if congealing, the fluid gave an almost sentient pause. Then it started to make its indumental way down the length of her oesophagus. Yes, she could feel it had morphed into something else because those hairs tickled the surface of her gullet as it crept ever southwards! 


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