Changing Styles Have the Power to Change the World

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Linnaeus was as cool as taxonomists can be and since he is also called the father of taxonomy, he was the coolest of em all. He also had uber powers of observation since one look at the Welsh poppy and he knew it was one of the Papaver(s), and ended up naming it, Papaver cambricum.



The name was changed to Meconopsis cambricum, since there was a distinct style (the stalk that the stigma sits on), instead of the other Papavers who have no style but just stigma (helipad for landing insects). But the guy who did the renaming wasn't as smart as Linnaeus who is the McDaddy of taxonomy.


However, when it was proposed that taxonomists change with the changing styles, they argued that the Welsh poppy was a Meconopsis before all the other Meconopsis. In his paper, Christopher Grey-Wilson suggested a new generic name for it. The stylish poppy could now be called Parameconopsis cambrica


Now oriental poppies have got more than just style.



They also come with capsules laden with latex. This latex is the source of narcotics like opium, morphine, rhoeadine, and codeine.  



Poppies have been found in Egyptian tombs and have been linked to various deities from multiple mythologies. The association, of course, has to do with the narcotic power this flower has at its disposal.


California Poppy is the flower of the state it is named after


Corn Poppies are the memorial flowers of veterans


While Wikipedia mentions a Poppy Rebellion, a search did not show any interesting results but this guy talks about Poppy Police, which will also be the name of my minion army. You have been warned.



For now, I leave you with this image of Iceland poppies that are believe-it-or-not, called Champagne Bubbles!


P.S. All puns are intended ones


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