Botany and Vocab III

— feeling unshaven


Epilobium hirsutum, as its name suggests, has hairy stems and leaves. Hirsute is a pretty word that removes the need to use hairy.



Commonly called Hairy Willow-herb since its leaves resemble that of willow's.


Willow leaf Minus the hair, though


It produces flowers that are abundant, purple, and campanulate. This word is for all the bell-shaped stuff that you come across.


Seems too pink...


That's more like it


The white really obvious stigma that can be seen protruding from the flowers makes Epilobium a very naughty plant. If no bees visit and cross-pollinate them, the flowers do not depend upon the apians. The highly flexibly stigma can curl backwards! Post-pollination are formed capsules full of small seeds that are attached to long white hairs.


The result of the naughtiness


The last word of the day is monotypic, which is the kind of stands that this plant loves to form. Wherever you look, all you will see are the purple blooms of Epilobium.



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