So plant geneticists think Arabidopsis thalliana hung the moon and the stars. This is due to several reasons:


1. Its shorter than short life cycle since it takes only 6-8 weeks to go from an itty bitty seed to a plant!












2. Its small size that makes it easy to grow hundreds of plants





3. The miniscule genetic material it calls a genome


4. The generous amount of seeds it produces. One plant can make several thousand of them!


5. It can self-pollinate, making things even easier for the scientists.


So, this apple of the eye was recently used to carry out yet another piece of research: do plants know when they are being fed upon? The answer to that question is apparently yes, they do!


To find out the answer, arabidopsis was made to listen to recordings of vibrations that a caterpillar makes while feeding.



The plants started producing increased amounts of the bitter mustard oil. Here's the detailed story with the recording. The plants seemed unaffected when other vibrations were played to them.


Maybe they should have played some Bieber?