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1: Currently Reading



2: Describe the last scene you read in as few words as possible. No character names or title.


The MC's body was switched by one of the beings of the Great Race. He is just starting to remember..oh, the horror! :-p


3: First book that had a major influence on you



4: Quick, you're in desperate need of a fake name. What character name do you think of first?


Anomander Rake from  


5: Favorite series and why


up until the last book came out. It was fun without being stupid. Kate kicked ass while Curran was an alpha without being a douche.


6: Public library or personal library?





7: What is the most important part of a book, in your opinion?


The Trinity to get me started


8: Why are you reading the book you're currently reading?


Two reasons:

a) Wanted to see what the fuss readers make when it comes to Lovecraft is all about

b) Tor has a Lovecraft Reread going on. It is fun!


9: If you were to publish a book what (besides your real name) would you use for your author name?


Midu Hadi


10: Do you listen to music when you read? Make a mini playlist for one of your favorite books.


Must I?



11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?


the UF crowd, if there is one.We sit at the other end, at some distance from the PNR fans.


12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)


I started "rereading" the Charley Davidson series by listening to the audiobooks on the way to work.Worst idea ever! I share a van with four other girls. What would you think if your vanmate started laughing at nothing?


13: What character would be your best friend in real life?


Cookie from the Charley Davidson series


14: Favorite item of book merch





15: Post a shelfie.




16: Rant about anything book related

Love triangles and teen angst. Learned to stay away from them. Can't put up with TSTL heroines or good female MCs turning into boneless masses of jelly without their "boo". Buffy moped but she kicked ass when ass needed kicking. Oh and did you see what they do the girl in the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon? Turned her into a nincompoop, that's what! Alpha males who hurt "the girl" and who do not know how to tone their alpha-ness down irk me too!


Case in point


17: What do you think about movie/tv adaptations?


As long as they cut and paste things well, I will like them. I came across this version of Sherlock Holmes where Holmes is a girl. I was duly horrified but then ended up liking it.

No place like Holmes

18: Favorite booktuber(s)


Had to look up the word but now that I have looked it


19: Book that you call your child.


Ick! None.


20: A character you like but you really, really shouldn't.


Jorg Ancrath from The Broken Empire trilogy


Jorg on GR

A review about why we shouldn't be liking him


21: Do you loan your books?


Not if I can help it.


22: A movie or TV show you wish would have been a book



23: Did your family or friends influence you to read when you were younger?


Yes, my mother. She is a fount of information and it became really hard to surprise with "new" things. I have been winning ever since I took up Botany as a major lol


24: First book(s) you remember being obsessed with


I found this book in a roadside book sale. I didn't know why I wanted it - the cover wasn't too good and the blurb went over my head - I just know that I did. I bought it and came home. Looking it up, I found out that it was the ninth book in the series! I had to have all the other 8 books so that this one would make sense. I did. It did.



25: A book that you think about and you cringe because of how terrible it was



26: Do you read from recommendations or whatever book catches your eye?


Both but mostly I read what catches my eye. Recommendations did get me to read the one below and I liked it.


27: How/where do you purchase your books?


Bookstores, Roadside Sales, Readings, Liberty, and Kitabain


28: An ending you wish you could change


The ending to Angel - the TV series


29: Favorite female protagonist


Mercy Thompson from her namesake series



30: One book everyone should read


All My Recs can be found here


31: Do you day dream about your favorite books? If so, share one fantasy you have about them.


No and No!


32: OTP

Kate and Curran from 


33: Cute and fluffy or dramatic and deadly?




34: Scariest book you ever read



35: What do you think of Ebooks



36: Unpopular opinions


Read #16


37: A book you are scared is not going to be all you hoped it would be


38:What qualities do you find annoying in a character?


Again, #16 says it all


39:Favorite villain


Justinia Malvern


40:Has there ever been a book you wish you could un-read?