The Intriguing World of Plants

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Plant with a bat signal that is built-in!

Nepenthes hemslayana is not only a pitcher plant but one that is safe for roosting bats. It uses a reflective structure as an acoustic flag to reflect the bat ultrasonic calls.



"Innocent" plants pay their bodyguards with murder hosts

Passerby bugs die a slow death by the hands of the serpentine columbine, or Aquilegia eximia. Their carcasses are then exchanged with its bodyguard insects.

The murderer uses very fine hairs, topped with a gluey droplet as flypaper to lure the victims.




Discriminating Mustard will not stand for incest

The surfaces of the cells on which the pollen grains will land on the female flower are capable of discriminating between pollen of their own species, avoiding self-pollination.


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