Cupaniopsis flagelliformis - Botany and Vocab 2

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The words below are from this post about Cupaniopsis (seen above)




A beautiful way to say splitting along a line of weakness or at maturity (or both)


Like Liu's pretty head after Thurman was done with it


A less icky way to describe soft downy hair
Like the fuzz that covers peaches
When you do not want to say teeth or saw-like
Like the set on this dashing not-so young man
For when you want to avoid describing the inflorescence as branched or rice-like
When you are thinking egg-shaped but not
Like Olaf's head
When you need a substitute for a lifeline or point of attachment
Ideal choice of word for this situation.
The proper word for the part of a fish or piscine animal that will end in a tail
It is as cool as knowing what an aglet is!
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