Liriodendron tulipifera and the Magnoliaceae family, in general

— feeling panda face


The Magnolias believe in standing out in a crowd. Unlike all other flowering plants, they


  • like showing off what they got, their sex organs are mounted rather than in whorls
  • do not believe in discrimination, so their parts are not divided into sepals and petals but a combination of two i.e. tepals
  • do not like to mingle; some species are isolated. Extant species can be found growing like the proverbial hermit from the Himalayas to Malaysia and New Guinea on one side and Canada to Brazil on the other


Liriodendron, a member of Magnoliaceae is no different:


  • The flowers give way to cone-like structures packed full of winged samaras
  • It is the one of the only two species that make up the genus
  • It has interesting names like canoewood and tree of liberty - the last one was turned into 400 liberty tree guitars

Its big, showy flowers look like this: