Cadaba farinosa - Botany and Vocab 1

— feeling confused

As the name suggests, the fruits are farinose. I had never heard of this word. MS Word had not heard of it either! So, I looked it up and this is what it means:


"covered with whitish, mealy powder"


I promptly used it to describe snow which, on second thing, is white and powdery but not mealy. Is it? Having never seen it...


Another interesting word that I found while reading this post was gynophore - "a long stalk that holds the gynoecium (ovule-bearing part of the flower) above the rest of the flower." This one I knew! :-)


Botanical terms are sometimes so beautiful and poetic. They also keep on adding to my vocabulary for when I am writing.


In other news, I have met this plant's cousin here in my city. I prefer it to the farinosal one.


Most of the time, it looks like this prickly unattractive thing:



When it flowers, it is magic!