The Ever Eloquent and Dashing Nick Miller

— feeling haha





“If we needed to talk about feelings, they would be called ‘talkings.'"



“Sandwiches and sex!? I want that!”



“I can’t believe I’m the sober one. That’s actually never happened before in my life.”



“I am not a successful adult. I don’t eat vegetables and/or take care of myself.”



“I’ve never been an inspiration before…I don’t like this much responsibility.”



“I know this isn’t gonna end well, but the middle part is gonna be awesome.”



“I refuse to pay for the weefee.”



“Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.”






“I only wanna make a drink a coal miner would want. Straight forward. Honest. Something that says, ‘I work in a hole.'”



“I want to go in my room and do weird stuff on my computer.”