Airel - Aaron Patterson, Chris  White I got this book to read and review from Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics! It took me almost a month to finish the book and these are the reasons why:
Airel is the most annoying, self absorbed and brainless teenager you'll ever see-but then teenagers are supposed to be that way.
She kept spouting things like "Men"-they do this and that... It just made me want to ask her how many men had she been with!
How she could not see something was wrong with Micheal's beyond me-that she wasn't herself around him is not sufficient to put my doubts to rest. If she was acting that strangely, surely her *non-existent* parents and friends would have seen that.
The instant attraction between her and Micheal just rubbed me the wrong way-however, to be fair, it is supposed to be an effect caused by Micheal's demonic connections.
Kim is her one best friend who would do anything for her but Airel seems so dismissive of her- yes, I know Kim's annoying.
The whole Keiros part bored me out of my skull- Keiros was Sir Talks-a-lot and only stirred into action after half the story was over.
The story felt like it was being dragged out unnecessarily.
Stan and James- Stan was just thrown at us in the middle of the story and James being a Brother felt like an afterthought.
I don't think I'll be reading the sequel, if there's any!