Legend of the Oceina Dragon

Legend of the Oceina Dragon - J.F. Jenkins
What I liked about it:

the beginning- reminded me of the story from mythology where Andromeda was being sacrificed to the sea monster


the author gives us enough of a glimpse of the world of Dragons and their different types which intrigues and makes you want to read more

the burning ritual when the father died was another thing I really liked

how the issue of Darien’s falling for Tai was dealt with and would otherwise have become “insta-love”!

how Tai and Darien continued to struggle with their issue and then came together

What I didn’t like:

Tai sleeping with a guy she barely knew and then blaming him for it

how hard it was for everybody to believe that the fire dragons were raising an army.

I would have liked to know a bit more about Darien’s brothers.

This book is fast paced and different from the other fantasy books featuring vamps/weres. The series will be interesting to read since the future books will probably be about the other types of dragons . Plus, I want to see dragons in action!

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