Blood Warrior

Blood Warrior - H.D. Gordon I got this book to read and review from the Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics!

What I liked about it:
the female lead was NOT helpless-I loved that she could kick some serious ass.
the originality of the concept of the book-yes, there were vampires and werewolves but the plot wasn't overwhelmed by them.
the appearance of the village and the dystopian twist that came with it.
not only was Alexa kick-ass, she also delivered several well timed smart ass one- liners.
the story flowed beautifully and you never even know when you have reached the end

What I did not like:
the typical YA elements-instant attraction between Kayden and Alexa, the love triangle/square.
how the book began was also very typical YA fashion and I had to struggle to keep reading but I’m glad I didn’t stop reading.
there should have been more Kayden and Alexa time, if we’re to buy that they’re meant to be together.
the sudden appearance of the King just left me confused-before that, the Queen was supposed to be all that. Maybe some foreshadowing?
To sum up:
The book had a Kate Daniels feel to it- which happens to be one of my most favorite series of all time- and if there had been some more world building, I would have rated it higher. As it is, I'll definitely be reading the sequel.