The Draculata Nest (Red Wolf, #1)

The Draculata Nest (Red Wolf, #1) - John Hundley
A thank you to the author who magnanimously gifted me with a copy!

What I liked about this book:

the new world I was introduced to-we’ve all heard about Lycans being servants of the vampires but this book really shows the extent to which the sly vamps have exterminated the shifters.

there were some hints about the fae being a part of this world and I can’t wait to see how the author introduces that element in the sequel.

I instantly liked the camaraderie between Heather’s pack mates and their constant ribbing lightened the mood a bit- Clifford wasn’t a young guy and the way he tells the story shows that.

the werewolf armor was one of the coolest things in this novel- it reminded me of the armor that Polar bears wear in the movie “The Golden Compass”.


What I didn’t like:

there were many instances where there was too much detail

Clifford’s son was talked about but we never seem to see him or see Clifford even contact him.

Danielle’s personality change-she was shallow even before she became a bloodsucker but after becoming one, she just went slutty! Why was there a need to treat her character that way? I understood that her relationship with her sire/maker would be that way but why was she behaving that way with everybody else?

This book is different from the other vamp/were novels out there. Fans of such novels should give it a try.

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