A Dream of Storms

A Dream of Storms - William J. Kenney I got this book for free from Making Connections group to read and review. Get your copy here
When a book ends and you yell out: "Did he have to die?" then you know you liked the story.
That the author can write is evident, the story grabbed my attention from the very beginning and kept me engrossed through out.
Yes, it had a Tolkeinish flavor to it and at times came perilously close to LOTR but the author skilfully turned those scenes into his own- the horses sent by the Wind.
Of all the characters, Gorin was my favorite.
One other thing that I really liked was that we were spared the condescending attitude of the Elves- they were an old race but the Mages & Trolls were given equal importance.
The burden that the Elven king had to carry..beautiful concept.
S’Darin and his story-another unique part of this story.
I could go on and on about the things I liked but I'll just say, fans of epic fantasy, you've gotta read this book!!