All We See or Seem

All We See or Seem - Leah Sanders I received this book from the nice people over at Astraea Press, for free, in exchange of an honest review.

There's something to be said about books which suck you in right from the very beginning. This was one such book.
It was exactly the right length and the way it ended made me want to get my hands on the sequel right away.
What was missing were more details about the place the stems were being kept. Yes, we were given hints that emotion wasn't encouraged but I would have liked to see a glimpse of the day to day life there.
I loved the fact that the stems were strangers to the concept of physical intimacy and all the scenes with Aaron (while he was at the hospital) left me worried about what had been done to Gryff.
I also loved the deviousness of the scientists- I mean devious scientists are the best kind!
The secret about Aaron's mom was expected but still a good one.

Can't wait to read the next one!