Control - J.F. Jenkins
I got this book for free from Astraea Press, in exchange for an honest review.

What I liked:

the teenagers behaved like actual teenagers

the concept of Aliens fighting a war on other planets is interesting.

Orlando’s wisecracks kept me giggling through out.

JD let out a sigh of relief. “Things got chaotic in the tunnels.
Head back to The Apartment and we can compare notes.”
“We’ll be there soon. Gonna stay back for a few minutes, ”
Orlando said, joining the conversation.
“Why?” JD asked.
“Well, we were kind of busy making out,” he deadpanned.

Alan’s insecurities made him more

What I didn't like:

the book needs editing

names of the tribes-even their individual names were so complicated but the tribes were simply named Red,Blue,Green and so on

needed a little background about the tribes-it may have been provided in the first book of the series which I haven’t read but some information about the tribes was needed in this one.

a big plot hole-cant the teenagers recognize each other by the cars they use or the clothes they wear? I mean these are teenagers, they notice such things.

The story engages you from the get go and there’s plenty of action & wisecracks to keep you reading.

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