The Buried Children

The Buried Children - Daniel Farcas
I received this book for free, in exchange of an honest review.

My Thoughts:

The events will make you cringe and keep you cringing. I think that says something about a story if it makes you feel so strongly.

Vlad was one confusing character but I think he was meant to be seen that way since Daniel was as confused about him as I was. One moment he kills someone in cold blood while in the very next, he's ready to risk his life for Daniel.

The reason for the two star rating is two-fold:
the book needs editing. Not only are there spelling mistakes, there is a lack of coherence. Events need to be tied together better.
scenes where Daniel wasn't present are also narrated by Daniel which was weird.

Thank you, Daniel for letting me read your work. If you venture into Daniel's world, be ready to be heartbroken.

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