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October 2017 — A Belated Wrap-Up!


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Things are starting to get just a bit darker and the stakes higher when it comes to Ms. Marvel’s life! She has to think whether she should be blindly following orders, even if they do come from someone she has looked up to all her life:


She has to concede that she can’t go fight crime somewhere she hasn’t lived long enough to understand what is happening:



She realizes that others can be surprisingly kind even when they don’t have to be:



We are also shown a glimpse of her ancestors migrating during the Partition of the Subcontinent in 1947:




As hauntingly beautiful as ever! A good installment where we finally discover that people who loved Maika do exist! She remains her courageous self throughout the story.




Review to come later.



Read my review and the status of Project Frankenstein.



As long as you expect the MC not to talk to each other and resolve the major conflict in two pages or one of them just picking up and leaving the other to”protect them” or the big baddie being dealt with in the last two pages, you will enjoy this series. I do, so I did! The humor shines through in the books and I love reading them when I need something funny and light. My favorite quote from the book:





Simply beautiful and so on point with the current events that it is scary! These four issues are just the beginning though. I hope it continues to be this awesome. Here are some scenes for you to feast your eyes on:





Take a cute cozy mystery and add some seriously messed up and furious ghosts to it and you will have created Southern Spirits. I liked the upping of the violence level, which kept this book from becoming just another cozy mystery. I also liked that the MC didn’t wait around and got down to work even when she was quaking in her boots. My favorite quote from the book:





Read my review here.



So, this is one of those instances where not reading the book blurb or any reader reviews came back to bite me in the ass! The story is the original Mary Shelley story; this book has simply some steampunkish art strewn about. Visually appealing? Hell yeah! Original? Not so much! Even so, I can now cross off this book from my list.



Review to come later.




While playing Work Book Bingo, I got: A Book Purchased for its Cover. That was when the misery began! I looked around in all my bookshelves trying to spot a book that I had purchased just for that reason. There weren’t any.So, I searched my Kobo library and this was the best that I could come up with.


I had so many issues with this book that began with the inclusion of overused tropes and ended at a TSTL protag. Yeah, I didn’t like it and these quotes can easily show why:

Ciardis gave her a look like a deer facing the glow of a bright lantern in the dark forest.

(after talking about candidates dying of asphyxiation)…I hope I never hear of such a thing happening with you, Ciardis.”

“No, of course not!”

Prince Heir or not, Sebastian’s hand-kissing technique, with a bit too much saliva involved, left a lot to be desired.

There was a scene from the book where a prophecy is made about one of the characters coming into enough power to “rend the Empire asunder”. On hearing it, the characters remained unaffected and the prophecy wasn’t even mentioned again!

There was a sprinkling of terms like the Madrassa and Hammam that have an Arabic origin. Yet the worldbuilding included none of the other elements common to Middle Eastern culture.


The protag gets whole dossiers full of information about her patrons-to-be. They mention everything about the persons in question. Yet they fail to mention that one of them, a General, has a bastard son who is also a mage. How do you leave out that important a bit of information? If the information gatherers didn’t know, then what good were they?


The protag had to undergo a 3-day long contest that would decide if she is worthy of a patron or not. One of the rules for the contest was that the activities of the first day must be hidden from her yet she could be told what would happen in the next two days. I mean, why? Was the author simply making it up as they went?


Another major character, the Prince Heir (who gives hand-kisses with too much saliva) went on a quest. This quest was supposed to unite him with the land he is to rule. Yet…yet…he forgot to take matches with him to light a lantern as part of the ceremony in that quest. WHY?! Oh wait, he also forgot to pack a knife that he would need for the bloodletting part of the same ritual.



A fun if a bit slow paced cozy mystery.




A short, classic horror read. It wasn’t even marginally close to the world-changing Frankenstein, which was also written during the same horror story writing “contest”. Yet I liked it! Like the vampires of old, this one also exuded an aura of evil that affected its victims immensely more than the actual drinking of blood did.



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7 books you've recently looked up

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It's pouring rain, it's cold and windy. But you know what. It really doesn't bother us. This is a perfect setting for a book and a grate excuse to stay home reading, right?!? Inspired by the Autumn we've looked through your shelves and picked 7 books for the rainy days


If you'd like to know what titles BookLikes readers are looking for this fall, visit the Book Catalog page and look through the Recently looked up sector. To read the book description and the reviews click the book cover.



The book page presents the book details, description and the book reviews. To add a book to your shelf, click +Shelf, and to read the reviews go to the community reviews section. If you enjoy the review, Follow the blog and you'll be up to date with the new blogger friend's bookshelf updates and the reviews on your Dashboard. 



The following list presents books from your shelves and blogs.

If you like the review Follow the blogger to be up to date with his/her bookshelf picks and posts. 


The Rooster Bar - John Grisham 

#1 New York Times bestselling author John Grisham’s newest legal thriller takes you inside a law firm that’s on shaky ground.


I finished this book in two sittings: on my lunch break and on my bed the moment I got home. I didn’t get up to eat dinner, use the bathroom, anything. The Rooster Bar is one of those books. Like almost every Grisham novel, this is a high-stakes crime thriller . . . but the stakes here feel so much higher than in his other books — at least the ones I’ve read, which I admit isn’t a large number. Three laws students mired in debt without any job prospective on the horizon decide to drop out of sight, change their identity . . . and become faux street lawyers... read a full review



The Wife Between Us - Greer Hendricks,Sarah Pekkanen 

Twisted and deliciously chilling, The Wife Between Us exposes the secret complexities of an enviable marriage - and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love.

The book certainly keeps you guessing all throughout the novel and it certainly keeps you on your toes and you realize this is probably how the ex wife (can’t name names, it would give the plot away) felt as you progress through the story. The twists and turns keep you blindsided and it keeps you guessing even until the final pages of the book. It was a great and thrilling. Every other chapter I heard myself going: “WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST READ?”...read a full review



One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns) - Kendare Blake  

The battle for the crown has begun, but which of the three sisters will prevail?

I finished Three Dark Crowns at the beginning of the month and I really wanted to see what was going to happen next. So I picked up One Dark Throne and read it quite quickly. It was really good! Again, I really love the atmosphere of this book. All the characters are so interesting; I still really love Queen Katharine in spite of what happened to her. She is different from what she used to be and I was really curious about why... read a full review



The Rules of Magic: A Novel - Alice Hoffman  

Thrilling and exquisite, real and fantastical, The Rules of Magic is a story about the power of love reminding us that the only remedy for being human is to be true to yourself.

Rewind to the 1960s and enjoy THE RULES OF MAGIC. A nostalgic coming-of-age love letter. Learning to embrace one’s true self.  

Rich in history, NYC, witches, curses, magic, and humor. Catch up with Franny and Jet. and meet little brother Vincent and cousin, April.
“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” — Henry David Thoreau 
Susanna Owens had fled Massachusetts, escaped to Paris and married and settled in New York City. She did not want her children to know of their heritage. However, it was clear from the start they were not ordinary children. She had to set down some hard rules. However, this was not an easy task...
read a full review



Enigma (An FBI Thriller) - Catherine Coulter  

Coulter's latest dual-plot thriller will keep you guessing as Savich, Sherlock, Abbott, and Wittier uncover surprise after surprise in this race against the clock until the shocking conclusions.

I sped through this gripping thriller that has two major plots and lots and lots of twists. One of those twists was jaw dropping for me. I did not see it coming. I stayed up WAY until the morning hours as I could not put this book down. And, it was worth it!  Excellent read for me... read a full review



Slip (The Slip Trilogy Book 1) - David Estes  

Someone must die before another can be born...

I hadn’t read anything by David Estes in quite a while, and when I saw this series on NetGalley, I thought, well, time to address this state of affairs. I shall also confess that nowadays, I do have a bit of a love-hate relationship with YA dystopias in general, for various reasons, and I was glad that this book, while it is a bit predictable and uses expected tropes, avoids what are the usual pitfalls of the genre for me.
The main characters in general were likeable...
read a full review




Carry On - Rainbow Rowell  

Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who's ever been chosen.

That's what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he's probably right.

It’s started to get interesting when Baz’s mom go back and find him, to tell Baz that find the one who kill her, but at that point Baz was missing, so Simon is the one that know everything about Baz’s mom, the powerful woman that own their school when she still alive. Baz knew he loved Simon for a very ling time, but he just want to do some awkward things that might hurt Simon, ans Simon thinks that Baz want to kill him, so they stayed enemies like forever until Baz mom appear in the story... read a full review


Happy reading!

Blog Tour: Leave the Pieces Behind by Shirley Anne Edwards with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for Shirley Anne Edwards’s Leave the Pieces Behind. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

Happy Reading :) 

Bree Apollo is an average fifteen-year-old girl: she loves chocolate, baking cupcakes, and her neighbor, the hunky and all around popular seventeen-year-old Foster Quinn. Except Foster is clueless about her feelings for him, instead treating her like a kid sister and begging for her homemade desserts. As a fellow chocolate lover, he should be Bree’s for the taking, if it weren’t for his oh-so-perfect girlfriend.   After she overhears Foster making fun of her to his friends, she’s devastated. And not even chocolate can take away the pain. She intends to wallow in grief for a boy that was never hers to begin with, but Austen, her eccentric new neighbor has other ideas.   The strange boy down the street always wears a black fedora, walks barefoot, and focuses all his energy on building a treehouse in his backyard. For some reason, he’s elected Bree to help him. At first, she turns him down because he acts too awkward and takes everything she says literally. But after learning of his autism, she decides to help with his construction (forgiving him for not being a chocolate fan), even though she doesn’t know a think about power tools.   As Bree and Austen grow closer, Foster notices Bree no longer worships the ground he walks on. He wants her to go back to that doting version of Bree, but Austen has become more important to her than she’s ready to admit. Austen may just be the one to help her move on from Foster. Like two pieces of a puzzle, they fit together perfectly.


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You’re certain you never frosted cupcakes before?” I asked Austen, who completed the task I had given him with great results. Whereas I made a mess whenever I baked, he was extremely neat and tidy, dirtying only the spatula he used to frost the cupcakes that would top my cake. “Mom and Aunt Lea don’t bake.” He set the spatula on a napkin then, grabbing a spoon to scoop some leftover cream cheese icing from the side of the bowl. Seeing him lick his bowl made me do the same with mine. I used my finger to clean my bowl of chocolate frosting, licking away the residue. “Good.” Finished with his bowl, he put it in the sink. I kept licking mine while I viewed the disaster in the kitchen I would have to clean up. Even with the mess, the cupcakes we baked, including the three-layer vanilla buttercream cake, and some of the flowery decorations I created with fondant had come out pretty good for a first try. It had gone better than I had anticipated. Based on the winning cakes from past years, mine might have a good shot at making the top five. Austen collected the utensils and other baking implements cluttering the kitchen island. I inspected my bowl one last time for any stray frosting, but then froze with my finger half in the bowl when Austen swiped my chin with his thumb I peered up to him as he checked his thumb covered with the chocolate he collected from my face. His tongue slipped out of his mouth, and he licked his thumb. “This is what chocolate tastes like.” He then stuck his thumb in his mouth and sucked. I dropped the bowl on the counter and ran my fingers over my chin, completely dumbfounded by his move. “Y-you…My chin.” I looked at him as if seeing him for the first time. For some reason he had touched me without any problem today. “Yes, you have a chin, like me.” He tapped his chin, not sounding robotic like usual. “Are you stating a fact or being funny?” I shifted closer to him and bumped his hip. He stiffened but didn’t move away. He kept his gaze on the top of the counter and swallowed more than once. Did I make him nervous? He sure as hell made me feel something like that when he wiped the chocolate off my chin and licked it from his finger. “What do you think of chocolate now that you’ve tried it?” I pressed my arm to his, testing him in a way I never had before. I wasn’t trying to be cruel, but I wanted to see how he would react. He turned his face toward me but stared at my forehead. I was tempted to snap my fingers so he would finally look me in the eyes. But this was a baby step for both of us. I was about to find out how far I could go, and how sensitive he was when I invaded his space. “If you had frosting or cupcake crumbs on your chin, would you let me wipe them away like you did to me?” I braced my arm on the counter as I leaned into him. He exhaled hard enough his breath tickled the top of my head. It made me smile knowing he was comfortable enough I could ask him such a question without him getting upset. “I don’t know.” His finger brushed the side of my mouth. I sucked on my bottom lip as the tip of his finger tracing the corner of my mouth and traveled down. I lifted my hand to join his finger but then the doorbell rang. He jumped away and knocked one of the chairs near the kitchen table while I tried to understand what had just happened between us.

Shirley Anne Edwards is a Northeast girl who first found her love for books when she read Nancy Drew’s The Secret of the Old Clock Tower at thirteen. Shirley found her love for writing at a very young age, and since then has let her imagination run wild by creating quirky characters and vast worlds in her head. Shirley is also a brownie addict who loves to bake when she’s not busy writing. Shirley lives in New Jersey and works in the entertainment industry in New York City.



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Blog Tour: Daddy Defender by Janie Crouch with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for Janie Crouch’s Daddy Defender. We will have info about the books and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway. Happy Reading :) 

He was a man on a mission, one that included a beautiful woman and a little girl he'd die defending…   What a serious case of mistaken identity. Ashton Fitzgerald is no unassuming handyman but a highly trained sharpshooter intent on protecting Summer Worrall and her baby daughter. The Omega SWAT member has a debt to pay and he isn't about to let Summer out of his sights.   For someone else has set their own sights on the lovely widow. Her unexpected relationship with Ashton has put Summer and her child straight into a madman's line of fire. Suddenly a mission to make amends becomes Ashton's quest to defend this little family with his very life.


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She picked Chloe up to put her back in the stroller. But both Chloe’s arms reached over her shoulder and she began to yell and strain away from Summer. “Ah-ta! Ah-ta!” “Honey, Ashton isn’t here. It’s time for us to go home. Maybe we’ll see him later.” “Ah-ta! Ah-ta!” Chloe was all but climbing over Summer’s torso. “Chloe Marie, Ashton is not here.” Summer spun around, knowing reasoning with an almost-two-year-old was pointless, but willing to try. “He—” But Chloe was right. Ashton was here. He was walking toward the law enforcement van that had been parked outside the grocery story to help with the crisis. He was dressed in black from neck to toe, holsters of some kind on both hips and wrapped around both thighs. His vest had multiple pockets holding gun clips and other items Summer didn’t recognize. Full tactical gear. He held some scary-looking rifle in his hands. And blazing across the middle of his chest was the word SWAT. He was talking to someone else dressed almost exactly the same, but about a foot shorter than him. A woman, Summer realized, although her hair was pulled back in such a tight braid it was hard to identify her as such at first glance. “Ah-ta! Ah-ta!” Summer stood holding her daughter, staring at the man she thought she’d known so much about but obviously hadn’t. SWAT. She saw the exact moment Ashton heard Chloe. A smile brightened his face as he looked over at them. Then faded as he obviously remembered where he was and realized what just happened. The woman next to him clapped him on the shoulder and took his rifle, walking away. Obviously she knew who Summer was and that Ashton had been keeping his profession a secret from her. That maybe hurt even worse. They stared at each other from the yards that separated them. Chloe kept yelling for him and trying to get down. At least now Summer knew what Ashton had wanted to tell her that she wouldn’t like. Her handyman was SWAT.

USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Janie Crouch writes what she loves to read: romantic suspense, heavy on the romance.   Janie recently relocated with her husband and their four teenagers to Germany (due to her husband's job as support for the U.S. Military), after living in Virginia for nearly 20 years. When she's not listening to the voices in her head (and even when she is), she enjoys traveling, long-distance running, and movies of all kinds.   Her favorite quote: "Life is a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller.



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Blog Tour: Hiding a Wolfe by EA Hunt with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for EA Hunt’s Hiding a Wolfe. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

Happy Reading :) 

Lt. Paul Wolfe's last deployment had cost him everything. His fiancee, his leg, his mental stability. So when his name comes up for a service animal to help him with his anxiety he wonders if he will be good enough for the animal or will he push it away like he has done so many other things in his life.   Alice Saint loved what she did she gave people the ability to get their lives back by providing them with service animals. One special animal was to be given to Lt Paul Wolfe a special case who was recommended by one of the therapist she worked with.   When the day of the animal exchange to sparks fly for Alice and Paul causing their lives to change in so many different and amazing ways.


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Paul slid his hands around the small of her back. He gave it a little push bringing her closer to him. He deepened the kiss. Hearing Adnan in the kitchen had set his heart racing. He’d imagined for a split second that Alice would want the man standing in her kitchen, his skin bearing no scars. But hearing her say she didn’t want Adnan then looking into his eyes and repeating those words was more than he, Paul, could have ever asked for. He lifted his head as he cupped one side of her face. “so beautiful, you are so very, very beautiful.” “So are you,” she replied as she reached forward. Paul pulled back he smiled at her sound of frustration. “Calm, just be calm.” “Calm?” Alice queried. “Yes, calm,” he replied as he pulled her fully against him. He bent his head kissing her neck. “Don't think for one moment I won't fulfill our desires tonight.” “I didn’t say that” she said as her head lulled back. She ran her hand lightly over the back of his head, loving how he was making her feel. “Paul,” came her small sigh. Paul lifted his head, stepped back and turned her so she was facing the wall. “Paul.” She placed her hands on the wall anchoring herself. “Shh.” He stepped back up to her. He grasped the material of her skirt, bunching it in his hands. “You look so damn good tonight,” he whispered as his hand grazed her thigh “Hmm.” “Yes, I love this dress. You will have to wear it again for me.” He kissed her ear. “And only me,” he whispered. “Yes,” Alice cooed. “Good.” His hand traveled slowly over the front of her thighs, until he reached her panties. He skimmed the material covering her mound. “Silk?” he questioned as he unbuttoned his pants, thankful he’d opted for loose fitting khakis. “Lace, crotchless lace.” “And who gave you crotchless panties?” He questioned. If it was another man he would rip them off and burn them never wanting another’s intimate gift on his woman’s body. If was a friend of hers he would have to thank them for giving him immediate access to pleasure his woman “Clarita. She gave them to me as a gift for tonight.” Alice replied breathless. Thank heavens. “I’ll have to thank her the next time I see her,” Paul replied as he wrapped his arm around her waist lifting her “Paul I’m-” “Not,” he said. “Bu- oh.” Paul closed his eyes as he entered her she was so tight, so wonderful and so very much his. He started to move. “You feel so good wrapped around me.” “I should be saying the same to you.” She breathed as pleasure started to build within her. He filled her so well she was not sure where he ended and she began. “That’s it baby. I want you to cum for me. I want you to scream my name.” Paul said as he felt her squeezing him and her body start to quiver. “Cum for me Alice. Scream the name of the man who’s going to make you cum so hard you’ll think about for the rest of your life” “Paul!!!” Alice screamed as the hardest orgasm she’d ever had hit her. Paul shuddered into her, only seconds later, pouring his essence into her body. “We are so not done.” He shook his pants free of his body. Then made sure his arm was secured around Alice, before he stepped back and headed towards her room. He walked over to the bed and laid her gently there before following her. He placed some of his weight on the bed while still having her back pressed to his front and his dick in her. He kissed her neck. “For a quickie that was amazing.” Alice chuckled. “You know I made dinner.” She said as she squeezed him “Hmm….it smells wonderful,” Paul said as he cupped her full breast. He massaged it through her dress. He loved her squeezing him Alice licked her lips. “That feels so good.” She pressed into the hand squeezing her breast “You feel good.” He moved his hips. Hard once again for the woman before him “Paul, oh Paul!” She called He loved hearing his name on her lips. “ALICE!!” He called as he emptied a second time. Alice shuddered. She could become addicted to this man. She pulled away from him, sat up and removed her dress. She turned smiled at Paul and reached for his shirt. She wanted to see him. “Alice,” he started as he covered her hands on his shirt. Alice leaned forward. “You know what I thought when I first saw you,” she said as she lifted his shirt. “What is this charred mess before me?” Paul joked. “No” She skimmed her hand over his abs, his scars and his chest. “I thought this is the most beautiful man I've ever seen a day in my life.” She gestured for him to sit up. Paul did as she requested, nervous as to how she would look at him and his scars. He'd taken her from behind because of his scars, opting not to see the disgust she would try to hide while looking at him. She pulled his shirt over his head. “Lie down” “Alice, I can't” “You can,” she said as she pushed him gently onto the bed. She straddled his hips. Alice reached for the front clasp of her bra. She smiled at Paul's sharp intake of breath when she unclasped it, showing her full breasts. “Do you like what you see?” she teased. “Yes,” Paul breathed as he placed his hands on her hips. “I love a woman with curves.” Alice smiled as she bent and started kissing Paul's chest. She made sure to spend a little extra time on the flesh he thought was ugly. She lifted her head she looked him in the eyes “I'm not scared, disgusted or turned off by what I see before me.” Paul said as he placced a hand on her cheek, “Alice, I don't have a leg and my body is-” “Is mine,” she told him as she sat up. She ran her hands over his chest. “Do you understand me Paul Wolfe? This body and the man it houses all belong to me.” She replied as she placed her lips on his.

Author EA Hunt was born the youngest of William and Natlean Bills' four children. EA was raised in Joliet, IL; an suburb of Chicago, and went to college at Kentucky State University where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts and sung in the Gospel Ensemble. EA had two daughters, Tayla Elizabeth and Ava Elease. EA, Tayla and Ava reside in Marietta, Ga, an suburb of Atlanta, Ga.


 Website *** Google+ *** Amazon *** Goodreads



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October books & congratulations to all Halloween Bingo participants!

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Only 2 months left to finish your reading challenge!

How did you do in October? 

Halloween Bingo came to an end with a loud applause for all the participates and the game creators,  and Obsidian Blue! Bravo, guys! If you've missed the posts and reviews, you can follow the Bingo posts here and to view the participants blogs make sure to check out the Obsidian Blues' post: Halloween Bingo 2017: Bingo Calls! Don't Forget to Report Your Bingos!




Ten months checked. Check out book bloggers' October reading lists and add your  October reading wrap! 

Click the blog headers to go to the blog pages and read more from the fellow bloggers.


The Diamond Empire (A Diamonds Novel) - K'wanSing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel - Jesmyn WardBrazen - Katherine LongshoreThe Nightingale - Kristin Hannah

These are my quick early morning thoughts. The Nightingale is an unforgettable story written so well your able to completely immerse yourself in it. I never read the author notes or book club questions, but I read it all. This book took me some time to finish... continue reading


You: A Novel - Caroline KepnesThe Upside of Unrequited - Becky AlbertalliDumplin' - Julie MurphyHalloween with the Hunk: A Lumberjack Romance (Holiday Studs Book 1) - Jewel Killian

3 audio books

2 ebooks

1 4 star

2 5 stars

1 3 star


Favorite book the upside unrequited... continue reading



Before I knew it, October was coming to a close.  I feel like it was just a couple days ago that I started reading Bingo books, and posting my first few Halloween Bingo updates.  But September, and then October, seemed to just fly by pretty quickly, and now, here we are, moving into November... continue reading


Violated: Exposing Rape at Baylor University amid College Football's Sexual Assault Crisis - Paula Lavigne,Mark SchlabachMissoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town - Jon KrakauerA Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. MaasAnd Then There Were None - Agatha Christie  

I read 31 books for October... continue reading


If you've missed October wrap ups by other BookLikes bloggers, have a look at the following posts, and feel invited to read and join :) If we haven't included your post link, let us know in the comment section below.



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Blog Tour: Petals by Laurisa White Reyes with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for Laurisa White Reyes’s Petals. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

Happy Reading :) 

On Christmas Eve, a horrific car accident leaves Carly Perez without a mom. After a year of surgeries and counseling, Carly’s life is nearly back to normal—except for the monsters—vague, twisted images from the accident that plague her dreams. When her father insists on spending their first Christmas alone in Guatemala with a slew of relatives Carly has never met, she is far from thrilled, but she reluctantly boards the plane anyway.   That’s where she first spots the man with the scarred face. She could swear she has seen him before. But when? Where?   In Reu, the Guatemalan town where her father grew up, Carly meets Miguel, her attractive step-cousin, and thinks maybe vacation won’t be a total waste after all. Though she is drawn to him, Carly’s past holds her back—memories that refuse to be forgotten, and a secret about the accident that remains buried in her subconscious. And everywhere she turns, the man with the scarred face is there, driving that unwelcome secret to the surface.


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IN SIXTY SECONDS, MY MOM WILL BE DEAD. We’re driving up Cuddy Valley Road, the two of us, a wrapped gift box on my lap. It’s rectangular, maybe fifteen inches tall, in red foil paper with a white bow on top. We were lucky to find the drug store still open on Christmas Eve. Mom is pleased. She’s humming along with the radio, which is playing a lively fifties holiday song. Her thumbs tap out the tune on the steering wheel. Her car keys sway in the ignition, jingling like bells. Outside, the sky is dark. Through the storm, the road ahead looks like a long tunnel. Snow is falling. It happens so fast there is no time to react. Bright lights hurtle toward us on our side of the road. Mom’s arms brace against the wheel. She thrusts her foot against the brake, but the road is slick with ice. Our car swerves. I hear a car horn blaring. I hear the crunch of metal, the pop of shattering glass. A powerful force shoves me against the car door as everything suddenly whirls in the wrong direction. I feel pain. I scream. And then it’s over. When I blink open my eyes, everything is white. Snow is falling.  
Laurisa White Reyes is the author of the 2016 Spark Award winning novel The Storytellers, as well as The Celestine Chronicles and The Crystal Keeper series. She lives in Southern California where she teaches English at College of the Canyons.

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Halloween Survival Kit

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Well, hello Halloween. Are you ready to welcome all the spookiness and scariness? If not, here are several gadgets that will help you survive the upcoming night. 



1. Candles 

To bright your way on the spooky night. You can always add "K" at the end and use them all year long!




2. A sweet amulet.




If you expect a horde of scary kids, prepare a feast just like this mum. Or pretend you're not home and eat all by yourself -- it looks sooo yummy!




3. Socks

It's shivers time and it's getting really really cold - you definitely need some warm socks! And in case of an emergency runaway, make sure to have more than one to spare. 





4. Garlic perfumes will keep the vampires away!




5. Make up set

If you decide to join a party, you need to look good, here are some suggestions:



If you're not going anywhere, you can always use the paints to decorate your house. 




6. Pumpkins

You have all night long. Let your artistic soul speak for you - crave the pumpkins as you wish. 



7. Books

You have plenty of candles and glowing pumpkins. There's no better setting to read some spooky stories:


My American Nightmare: Women In Horror Anthology - Azzurra Nox,Nicky PeacockStrange Weather: Four Short Novels - Joe HillBurnt Offerings (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) - Robert Marasco,Stephen Graham JonesThe Lovecraft Squad: All Hallows Horror: A Novel (All Hallows Horror Trilogy) - John Llewellyn Probert,Stephen Jones

Blanky - Kealan Patrick BurkeLittle Star: A Novel - John Ajvide LindqvistBone White - Ronald MalfiHalloween Carnival Volume 2 - Glen Hirshberg,Lee Thomas,Holly Newstein,Del James,Brian James Freeman


Check out more horror recommendations from our bloggers ->


Happy Halloween!


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#14 Follow Friday with book bloggers: Char's Horror Corner [Nominated]

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Halloween is coming near. The spooky time requires a special guest and we think that Charlene from Char’s Horror Corner is the perfect one for the Halloween Follow Friday interview. 


Check out what Charlene is reading and follow her blog Char’s Horror Corner on BookLikes http://charlene.booklikes.com



How did your book love begin? 


It started early on! There weren’t a lot of other children around where I grew up, but there were a lot of elderly people. The bookmobile would come around so that those without transportation were able to get something to read, and in the summers I would stand in line with them. I loved to check out mysteries from Agatha Christie and other authors, and then I discovered Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the great Edgar Allan Poe.


You’ve reviewed over 800 books on your BL blog. What do you enjoy about book blogging the most? 


What I enjoy the most about blogging/reviewing is giving and getting book recommendations. I just love when someone tries a book I recommended and they like it. Conversely, I always feel bad when a person tries a book I recommended and they do NOT like it.



You’re a horror book lover. Why this genre is so special for you? What do you cherish the most about it? 


Horror is often about outsiders and being an outsider, that always appealed to me. I felt like an outsider during most of my time in junior high and in high school and I related to those kinds of stories. What I cherish the most about the horror genre is the community. I help moderate a group on Goodreads, (Horror Aficionados), and we now have nearly 13,500 members. They are the best bunch of people, authors and readers both, they’re supportive, smart and funny and they welcome everyone! What’s not to cherish about that?


If not horror, than what? Do you often switch to another genre or is horror your ultimate love?


I do like to switch things up at times. I love to read biographies and autobiographies, as well as classics, mysteries, thrillers and true crime. Horror is my ultimate love though, and I never stray away for too long.



There are many sub-genres of horror. Can you tell more about them to our readers? 


As you’ve stated, there are many! These days, my favorites lean more towards Quiet Horror. This is horror that generally does not feature a lot of blood and guts. No slashers or torturing or things like that. It’s heavier on atmosphere, building dread and those things caught out of the corner of your eye.

I also enjoy Cosmic Horror. Now this can include parts of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and the monsters he created, or it can be more generic and just reflect the cold, unfeeling universe and the lowly place of mankind within it. I also enjoy ghost stories, creature features, (fun books with imaginative monsters, and usually faced paced killing), and haunted house tales.


Name your Top 3 horror books.


Yeah, that’s too hard! Today, my answer is:

1. Boy's Life by Robert R. McCammon  , which is not exactly horror, but coming-of-age dark fiction.

2. It or The Stand by Stephen King  .

3. 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King  


Boy's Life - Robert R. McCammonIt - Stephen KingThe Stand - Stephen King'Salem's Lot - Stephen King


Are there any particular titles you’re impatiently waiting for this fall/winter season?


Yes, I’ve been waiting for Joe Hill’s latest title, Strange Weather and I finally got it on Saturday at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival. Joe Hill appeared there and his fans were able to purchase copies prior to the book officially going on sale 10.24.17.


Read the relation from The Third Annual Merrimack Valley Book Festival!



We’ve noticed the horror audiobooks on your BookLikes bookshelf, recently you’ve also interviewed a horror story narrator -- do you prefer reading or listening to horror stories? Is there any difference in experiencing the novels? 


I prefer reading to listening, actually. In a very few cases though, a worthy narrator can elevate my reading experience. This has happened on a few occasions. The first was when I listened to Kate Mulgrew narrate Joe Hill’s NOS4A2. Her narration brought the story even more alive than Hill already had and that changed my original rating from when I read the book of 4/5 stars to ALL the stars.

NOS4A2: A Novel - Joe Hill,Kate Mulgrew Bravo to both Joe Hill and Kate Mulgrew for the hours of pleasure that is the audible book NOS4A2! Read a full review ->


Blackwater: The Complete Saga - Michael McDowell,Matt GodfreyThe second time this happened is actually still happening, with Matt Godfrey’s narration of Michael McDowell’s Blackwater. Since this saga is set in Alabama, and Matt is from Alabama, the accents and voices have really come alive for me, even more so than when I read the books a few years back. It’s amazing! (And HE’S amazing!)


The most wonderful horror author(s) is/are… 


Stephen King, Robert McCammon, and Joe Hill.



What are your three favorite book covers? 

1. Boy's Life by Robert R. McCammon  (see link above, on Question 6)

2. The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories: Volume Two.

3. Last Train from Perdition by Robert R. McCammon 



Boy's Life - Robert R. McCammonThe Valancourt Book of Horror Stories: Volume Two - Nevil Shute,Mary Elizabeth Braddon,Michael P. Kube-McDowellLast Train from Perdition (I Travel By Night) - Robert R. McCammon


How do you pick another book to read? 


Generally, my reading is booked far in advance. I have this crazy urge to haunt sites like NetGalley and Edelweiss for advance review copies of books. I generally try to read them by the publication dates, so that usually determines what I’m going to read next. I had challenged myself to read 40 books that I ALREADY OWN this year, and I’ve only read 7. That’s because I just can’t stop myself from browsing the books that are coming out soon and requesting them. I just want to read ALL the books.


A paper book or an e-book? 



Halloween is coming near. Can you suggest three titles to juice up a Halloween party? 


1.Haunted Nights, edited by Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton. This is an excellent collection of short stories all connected by Halloween.

2. The Halloween Children by Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss. This is a fun little tale about what happens when you choose not to give out candy on Halloween, (among other things!).

3. The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories volume 1 or 2. Or better yet, both! These are excellent tales that have rarely or never been reprinted since their original release.


Featuring authors like Michael McDowell and Stephen Gregory, everyone should be able to find a pleasing story within.


Haunted Nights - Ellen Datlow,Lisa MortonThe Halloween Children - Brian James Freeman,Norman PrentissThe Valancourt Book of Horror Stories - Francis King,John Blackburn,Richard Marsh,Michael McDowell,Stephen GregoryThe Valancourt Book of Horror Stories: Volume Two - Nevil Shute,Mary Elizabeth Braddon,Michael P. Kube-McDowell


What’s your reading spot? We’d love to see the photos :)


Anywhere, really, but my favorites are in my recliner, by the pool, or in what I optimistically call my library.




Your favorite quote?

We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls. We get it churched out, spanked out, washed out, and combed out. We get put on the straight and narrow and told to be responsible. Told to act our age. Told to grow up, for God's sake. And you know why we were told that? Because the people doing the telling were afraid of our wildness and youth, and because the magic we knew made them ashamed and sad of what they'd allowed to wither in themselves. - Robert McCammon, from Boy's Life


If you could meet one literary character, who would it be? 


I think I would like to sit down with Mary Love from Blackwater by Michael McDowell. I would love to hear her Alabama accent and ask her why she acted the way she did as the matriarch of her Southern family.


Shelfie time! Please share your home library photos :)



Thank you!




Missed previous Follow Friday talks? Use ffwithbookbloggers tag or click the catch up links:



You can nominate your blogger friends to the Follow Friday interview! Click here and leave the URL address in the comment section.


See you next Friday!

Blogging about books - additional blog post options

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BookLikes lets you blog about books in several different ways. As you have noticed there are 5 main post types on BookLikes: Text, Quote, Photo, Video, and URL. The wooden bar with the writing options is always at hand at the top of your Dashboard. 



We won't focus on the post types today. If you've missed our post where we described different ways to write about books, please go check  6 ways to blog about books post. 

Read the article to know more about different
book blogging options ->


Today we'd like to focus on the side bar and the additional options in the right column.



When you click the Text, Quote, Photo, Video, URL on the wooden bar, you'll be moved to the text editor view with the additional options on the right. The right column stays the same so it doesn't really matter whether you choose to share a text post a video review - the side bar will always look the same.


Let's have a closer look at the options it presents.




This box is a must tick, if you'd like to mark your post as a review. You can also add the rating stars (including the half stars!) but it's an optional. 


Important. Please remember that if you don't mark you post as a review it will not be visible on the book page in the community review section. Additionally, if you write a post with a book attached but won't mark it as a review, the book won't appear on your Reviewed shelf. 




Don't ruin the reading pleasure. If your post/review contains any spoilers, please select the spoiler box to warn your readers. The special marker will be added to your post in the Dashboard view and in your blog view.


The Dashboard view 


The blog view



Post date

This is your publishing calendar spot. You can select a post date of your choice. If you're publishing at the very same moment when you finish writing it will show "now":



If you'd like to schedule your post and publish it some other day, please select the date and time. In order to view a calendar click in the field where you see now, then select a day and a preferable publication time:



When you finish your blog post click the Post button and your piece will be published in accordance with your selected date: 





Let's be fair and give a proper credit to other readers, writers and bloggers. If you share a content from other webpage, make sure to add the source link. The source link will be added in the footnote of your blog post. 




Custom URL:

Each blog post receives a personal link, it usually contains the post title and it's compatible with the content.



If the post lacks the title, the URL address may look complex and harder to share on the web: 



In this situation you can add a custom URL for a specific post. In the following example the name you enter in the custom URL field would end up in the post's url address:





Tags are keywords which describe your posts. Thanks to tags you can organize your blog content (make sure you use some unique tags e.g. your blog name reviews), or  find posts written by other bloggers with the same tag, e.g. 2017 Halloween Bingoreading challenge.


That's also a great tool to find other readers with the similar reading taste or taking part in the mutual reading games and challenges.  



Write a tag and then press Enter / Return or a comma to insert the tag in the field. You can use a-z, letter, numbers, space and a hyphen. No other special characters are allowed. 


Last Tags:

The spot presents recently used tags on your blog. To add those tags to your post, simply click a tag (it will go green when you hover over it) -- it will pop in the Tag field automatically. 



All tags:

It's a list of all tags used on your blog.


Send to:

This spot is for sharing your content to your other social channels and blogs. In order to make it active, first connect your social media in Settings and your other blogs in Settings/Blog.

To activate the given sharing option, click on it (make sure it goes green). 



Important: Facebook sharing is still inactive. To share your blog post to your Facebook profile, please follow the steps described in our post: How to share your BookLikes posts when Facebook connection fails



Happy blogging! 


6 Quotes from Hidden Figures that Show How Gender & Racial Discrimination Are Connected

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race - Margot Lee Shetterly





Originally published at midureads.wordpress.com on October 26, 2017.

Blog Tour: Bear's Shadow by Desiree L. Scott with Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for Desiree L. Scott’s Bear's Shadow. We will have info about the book and author, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway. Happy Reading:) 

Nikki Calhoun is on the run, fueled by terror of the shadowy world she had married into. Desperate to survive and nowhere to hide, Nikki turns to the wolf shifter pack of her childhood but it’s hard for her to trust anyone, even the people closest to her.   Enforcer and bear-shifter Bret Axel receives a call from his cousin who manages his Portland nightclub about suspicious activity. After obtaining the approval of his Alpha, he travels to Portland. Two nights later, screams of a woman shatter the silence of the dock and with the help of his cousin, they save her from being killed.   A twisted tale of hunter and prey, two worlds collide as Bret falls for the human and then struggles to convince her that they are meant to be together. It’s up to him and the Crescent Ice Pack to get to the bottom of the brutal acts of one man. Will Nikki survive the wrath of her estranged husband or will the murky world of Edward Calhoun destroy her and any who try to help?


Buy Link



I have been writing since I was sixteen years old and love to write both horror and romantic suspense. I think there have been many influences within my life that has set me on the path that I can not help but walk. A few of those names consist of Karen Rose, Lisa Gardener, Nora Roberts, Cynthia Eden, Catherine Anderson, Laura Griffin, Andrea Kane, and Lisa Jackson, just to name a few. This list by no means defines by own writing but they have indeed influenced my desire to live outside of my own world and to create the thrill of my dreams. I live on 40 + acres in the SHOW ME state with my six year old daughter, with the wonderful addition of four dogs and a handful of chickens. The weather is unpredictable, but the surrounding beauty of the country helps my creativity as I sit on my top deck with my laptop and coffee close by. 


Website *** Facebook *** Twitter *** Instagram *** Amazon *** Goodreads


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!


Source: http://snoopydoosbookreviews.com/blog-tour-bears-shadow-desiree-l-scott-giveaway

Blog Tour: Necromance by Armand Rosamilia with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for Armand Rosamilia’s Necromance. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

Happy Reading :) 

My name is Cheri Rose Thorne.   I spend my life hunting Vamps and Fiends and killing them, but my main goal has always been to destroy my evil father while keeping my sisters at bay.   Sex, drugs and rock and roll keep me going. Oh, and killing things.   This supernatural horror thriller will keep you turning the pages. I promise.


Buy Link


I knew why I’d been drawn here the moment I saw him across the dance floor, his eyes trying to keep pace with the sweaty women surrounding him. I hoped he wouldn’t know who or what I was until it was too late. My name is Cheri Rose Thorne, and that is my real name. Long story short: my father is a necromancer and my mother was a stripper. Combine the magic and the body and you get moi. I’d only been in Florida for twelve hours before I sensed him. They can’t help it or even know they’re doing it. Unfortunately, I can’t stop myself from getting what I call ‘The Itch’; it starts behind my ears and runs up into my head and down my spine, as if I had stepped in a field of poison ivy, and the closer they are the more intense it becomes. The good thing is I always know I’m close because it suddenly stops and calm washes over me and then it’s just a matter of time to figure out who it is and how close I am. This guy would have been easy to spot, even if I didn’t have senses; he was dressed like he was an extra in Scarface, with slicked-back hair and sun-kissed skin. His eyes were the real giveaway, the color of the ocean a hundred feet from the club and darting furiously around him for his next victim. He was tall and built and, despite his tired wardrobe of beige suit with matching Capezio shoes and white tie, he was good-looking. Yeah, he was hot and he knew it. Most of the time these guys are average at best, but they use their powers to deceive women into thinking they are amazing. This one wasn’t using anything but his natural charm on the dance floor and that made him dangerous. Who knew what trick he had up his sleeve? It didn’t matter to me. Good-looking or not, I had to take care of him. The fact that this one was hot was just a perk of the job, because, before it was all over, I’d probably sleep with him. I knew it and he was about to know it. I took my time getting near him, preferring to lazily circle around him, ignoring the men who offered to buy me drinks or wanted to chit-chat while staring at my nice and natural boobs. I knew I was dressed to kill and that sometimes becomes a distraction. I remember this one time in Baltimore… well, that’s a story for another time. I moved from the bar to his left to the one directly behind him, casually watching him the entire time out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t know how long he’d been here and if he’d chosen someone yet. I didn’t want to turn around, after ordering a Jaeger-Bomb, and find out he’d left in a hurry. “Hi, can I buy you a drink,” some random jerk asks me, blocking my view. I looked him over quickly and then pushed him to my left. “I’m a lesbian.” “Cool.” That seemed to get him even more excited. I looked him in the eye. At six foot, I’m a tall drink of water and this guy was at least three inches shorter than me. I looked down into his eyes, I should say. “I’m not interested. Please go away.” “One drink won’t hurt,” he smiled hopefully. “Last chance to get lost,” I sneered. I don’t like to be mean and don’t like to draw attention to myself, but that’s exactly what I’d done. I moved away from him but it was already too late. My mark had seen me and was staring as I went to the bar and ordered that Jaeger-Bomb. “My name is Michael.” I looked to my side to see that the jerk trying to buy me a drink was still there. Just my luck, I can’t shake this idiot. “What part of get lost are you not getting?” He actually laughed at that. “I get it. You’re a tough chick who dresses provocatively and gets off on shooting guys down. I’m cool with that. I’m guessing your mother never hugged you?” “What?” I had to ask. This jerk was asking for a beating. “Women fall into two categories for me, those that hate their mother and take great pride in shooting guys down, and those that hate their father and take great pride in finding jerks to sabotage any relationship they have. I’m thinking you’re the former?” “I’m thinking you’re a douche-bag.” I grabbed his junk and squeezed, smiling as his eyes bulged and he strained to get away from me. “Last warning and I am not kidding.” “All you had to say was no thank you,” he managed in a whisper. I released his paltry manhood and grinned. “No, thank you.” He tried not to rub himself or cry, which I respected, as he walked quickly away toward the bathrooms. I turned and, sure enough, my target was gone. The group of women dancing around him had dispersed and a new group was shaking it to a lame techno beat. Two minutes later and I was outside and scanning the streets. In the movies, this would be the cue for his car to peel out in front of me and speed down the block; instead there was a line of people waiting to get in and another crowd across the street at a strip club. I didn’t think he’d had that much of a head start on me so I walked across the street, past the line of drooling men so I could see if he'd been lame enough to try to get in like a commoner. When I was satisfied he wasn't waiting around at the back and hadn’t cut the line, I went right up to the bouncer at the door. “There’s a line,” he said with a smirk on his face. He was taller than I was – even with my five-inch heeled boots – and had to be pushing a solid two hundred fifty pounds. Shaved head, big brown eyes, he looked to be Hispanic. He was damn hot. “That line,” I asked and grinned. “That line isn’t for me.” “Oh, then you’re a dancer. The strippers use the back entrance in the alley.” I laughed. He was clearly amused and having fun with me now. “I’m looking for someone.” “Look no further,” he said and put his hands up. “I’ve been standing right here all along.” “Maybe later.” “Just a maybe,” he asked and winked. "Did you just let some dude cut the line and go inside," I asked. I described who I was looking for, trying to act like I was interested in this good-looking guy without sounding like I was stalking him. "Yeah, maybe," the bouncer said and grinned. “How about you let me in then when I’m done finding who I’m looking for I give you a definitely?” “I don’t believe a word of that, but I’m a sucker for a pretty lady.” He moved out of the way. When the two dummies in line started to protest, he shot them a menacing look. “I’m Dwayne, by the way.” “Cheri.” I blew him a kiss and went inside. I don’t think I need to describe the place, do I? It was packed with horny guys and gorgeous women making money hand over fist. I smiled at a shot-girl as she walked past and caught her eye. Yes, I play for both teams. I began weaving in and out of the crowd but didn’t see him right away. Of course, even being in a strip club, I was still the center of attention for plenty of men and quite a few of the women. I stared back, smiled, and sauntered to the bar. With men competing to buy me drinks, I tried to stay focused. I still felt his presence so I knew he was here, in this room, somewhere, but where? A sleek dancer came off the stage wearing a hot pink thong, on her delicious ass, and matching bra. She glanced at me before taking a seat next to me and turning her back so that I had a great view of her butt. I scanned the crowd again but there were too many bodies crushed into too small a place. A tune from Godsmack was blasting over the PA, much better than the techno garbage across the street. “Great song,” I yelled to no one in particular, seeing if I could strike up a conversation with someone while I continued my search. There was a dancer seated at the bar a few inches from me and I couldn't help but check out her ass. The dancer turned slightly in her chair and stared at me with such a sexy look that I nearly blushed. “I usually dance to this song. It has such a driving beat to it.” “Excellent choice.” She was part Asian and her long, flowing black hair fanned across a single rose tattoo on her left shoulder. “I like your rose.” I traced it with my fingertip and smiled when she shuddered. “My middle name is Rose.” “My stage name is Rose. Small world,” she said and put her thin fingers on my hand. I knew she was bullshitting, but I didn’t care. What really mattered to me, all that mattered, was getting to know her… but first I had a job to do. “Are you with someone,” she asked, looking me over. I looked hot, if I do say so myself. My curly red hair flew past my bare shoulders. My black top was skin-tight and accentuated the aforementioned boobs. My black leather boots came up just under my kneecaps and fishnet stockings disappeared under my black micro-mini skirt. Some people call my look ‘Goth’ but I call it ‘Heavy Metal Hot’. I don’t go wild with my makeup but I love to accentuate my eyes with lashings of black mascara and a gloss of crimson lipstick on my full lips. “I’m here with someone, but he seems to have wandered off.” “He might be in the V.I.P. rooms,” she said and pointed. “Maybe.” I looked around for him again and tried to focus, but she was beautiful and distracting. I’m generally not into Asian women, especially skinny ones, but there was something sexy about her. “Shall we go back there and have a look,” she asked and stood, still holding my hand. She was maybe five foot six, even in heels, and she looked so delicate, yet, when she grinned at me and then dropped her gaze to my chest, I knew she was anything but. She led me through the crowd. I tried to look at as many faces as I could but still no dice. Then she waved away the bouncer standing guard at the VIP area, pushing past him and leading me behind a purple curtain. “Sit,” she said. I plopped onto a velvet couch covered in small throw pillows and leaned back. “I really should find my friend,” I said but, when a classic song by Motley Crue played, I decided he could wait. He wouldn’t get far without me sensing him leaving and, besides, that’s when she started to dance for me, slowly gyrating her hips and never breaking eye contact. I opened my legs slowly as she watched, revealing my own thong, black, of course. She leaned forward, kissed my cheek softly and lingered there. I stared into her eyes and didn’t flinch when her hand feathered against my breast. I put my hand on the small of her back. She closed her eyes, leaned forward, and softly kissed my lips. I guided her down onto my lap as she wrapped her legs around me. Pushing her chest against mine, she reached up and ran her fingers through my hair. I responded by reaching down and squeezing her tight ass with both hands. She moaned and pushed against me. She kissed me again, and then I hugged her and nipped at her ear. “I want to touch you,” I whispered. I could feel her shiver. I took that as a yes, and moved one hand from her ass to the front. She sat up slightly and I slipped inside her thong in one easy move. The curtain parted a moment later and a very confused, very surprised, male entered. It was my mark, and I could see the excitement growing in his beige pants. “Join us,” she moaned to him. I didn’t say a word; I continued to enjoy myself as she continued to play with me without missing a beat and, although I never wavered in my touch, I was enthralled by him. This was very dangerous ground, but I didn’t care. I’d gotten out of harder positions than this. Yes, pun intended. He didn’t speak; he simply took his time stripping out of his suit while watching us. She pulled her hand away from me and motioned for him to sit between us, but instead he knelt before me and glanced at her. She took that as her cue, and slid her hands under my ass and pulled off my thong. He kept eye contact with me even when she began to kiss his chest and shoulders. I'd been in a few threesomes in my life but this guy was dangerous, even distracted with two beautiful women wrapped around him. I slipped off to the side of the couch and let the two of them go at it. I needed a moment and needed to focus on what needed to be done. She stood next to us and put her hands on his arm, smiling. I wondered if he had anything left in him to pleasure her. I almost felt bad but I was feeling so good right now that I didn’t care. The sudden change in her expression put me back on guard. She stiffened her hands on his body, keeping him in place before me with my legs still draped over him. When the curtain parted and someone stepped inside, I knew I’d been tricked. The jerk from the bar, Michael, who wanted to buy me a drink and wouldn’t go away, stepped in, his hands glowing orange. I pulled the guy, who I thought was the mark, closer with my legs and slid two concealed blades from my boots. "You should've let me buy you a drink," the real mark said. He was now cocky, unlike the jerk he'd acted like at the bar. He'd suckered me in by acting like a loser to get me to drop my guard. I had. I wouldn't make the same mistake again, and I was done chatting. I opened my mouth to respond and he smiled. Before Michael could dodge I’d planted both knives in his chest. He fell back and pulled the curtain down as he collapsed in a heap. I unceremoniously pushed the spent guy away from me, gave the stripper a withering stare, which told her not to move, and stepped quickly to the prone man on the downed curtain. I slid the blades, bloody, from his chest and tossed them aside. His hands began to glow again. “I knew what you were the second you entered the club.” He glanced behind me as he stood. “It was easy to fool you into thinking that he was the one you were looking for.” “And easy to lure him here, where you hoped I’d be in a compromising position to keep me busy. You should have shown up sooner, because I was already done.” He laughed at that and raised his pulsing, glowing hands. He’s what we call a Fiend, and a fairly advanced one. He also wasn’t a match for me or my speed. I knew the two blades wouldn’t affect him but I’d wanted to give myself some room. Right before he decided to blast me, I dropped to the floor and yanked another, slimmer blade from my boot. This weapon, blessed eons ago, passed down from necromancer to necromancer and given to me by my father, had always served me well. The blade pulsed in my hand and shot forth of its own volition, impaling him in the throat. I watched as his look went from triumph to shock and then pain. He dropped to the floor, but this time I knew it was over, his hands extinguished. I turned back to the stripper and the guy and smiled. “Help me get rid of the body and I’ll pay for the hotel room.” I turned to her. “Do a good job and I’ll let you play extra hard.” She smiled. “I fully intend to.”

Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he writes when he's not sleeping. He's happily married to a woman who helps his career and is supportive, which is all he ever wanted in life...   He's written over 150 stories that are currently available, including horror, zombies, contemporary fiction, thrillers and more. His goal is to write a good story and not worry about genre labels.   He not only runs two successful podcasts...   Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Horror Podcast - interviewing fellow authors as well as filmmakers, musicians, etc.   The Mando Method Podcast with co-host Chuck Buda - talking about writing and publishing   But he owns the network they're on, too! Project Entertainment Network   He also loves to talk in third person... because he's really that cool.


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Blog Tour: Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for Marc Secchia’s Dragonfriend. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

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Gold Award winner - 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards   Stabbed. Burned by a dragon. Abandoned for the windrocs to pick over. The traitor Ra’aba tried to silence Hualiama forever. But he reckoned without the strength of a dragonet’s paw, and the courage of a girl who refused to die.   Only an extraordinary friendship will save Hualiama’s beloved kingdom of Fra’anior and restore the King to the Onyx Throne. Flicker, the valiant dragonet. Hualiama, a foundling, adopted into the royal family. The power of a friendship which paid the ultimate price.   This is the tale of Hualiama Dragonfriend, and a love which became legend.       Series Note Dragonfriend is a YA fantasy novel set in the same world of the bestselling dragon adventure series Shapeshifter Dragons and Shapeshifter Dragon Legends. It can be read in any order alongside Aranya, Shadow Dragon and The Pygmy Dragon. Awesome dragons, epic stories and deep dragon lore abound in this unique series set in a world of volcanic islands above the clouds.



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When the Orange Dragon fixed his burning eye upon her, however, the Human girl realised her mistake. This was no friendly visitor. A scar twisted the left side of his muzzle into a permanent half-sneer. The power of the Dragon’s sallow gaze reminded her of none other than Ra’aba, the way his brow-ridge drew down and his lip peeled open, revealing a jaw stuffed with gleaming fangs, any one of which could have skewered Lia and served her up as a kebab without a second thought. Did recognition writhe in her belly? Was this the spirit of Ra’aba, reincarnated in Dragon form? “Ah, so the dragonets spoke truly,” rumbled the Dragon, swinging his muzzle toward her, flame licking around his huge, flaring nostrils. His voice was as dry as air simmering over the caldera, crackling with fires as though he concealed a bonfire in his throat. “Here’s how it works, Princess. Run. Scream, if you’d like. I’ll give you a count of three.” Hualiama made a wordless squeak of dread. “Run.” The Dragon made a shooing motion with his forepaw. “Go on. It’s more amusing for me.” Terror exploded from her belly in slow motion, burning the pathways of her body. The sense of his evil was so palpable, she knew the Dragon saw her as nothing more than a loathsome insect to be crushed beneath his heel. It was possible to die from fright. She was the prey. The Orange Dragon was the predator, and nothing in the Island-World could protect her from such a creature. Doom stalked her upon wings the colour of molten lava. “One.” She jerked back. “Two …” Hualiama’s feet seemed possessed of wings of their own. She had never fled so fast, but the monster out there provided more than enough motivation. An agile left-right dance-step took her into their chamber. She sprinted flat out. Air hissed past her ears. The Orange Dragon’s monstrous challenge, the full-throated roar of an adult male on the hunt, shook the cavern. “Three!” The Orange Dragon pounced, his paws crashing down near the cave entrance, the shock conducted through sand and rock to her fleeing feet. The air sucked away from her lungs; Lia heard a rising thunder of fire, a crackling and sizzling sound as a wave of heat rolled over her back, as superheated as any volcanic eruption. Fire-reflections dazzled from the crystals embedded in the cavern walls. Lia dived headlong into the cool pool. The world flared orange. Rolling over underwater, she gazed up through the ripples at a torrent of Dragon fire, roiling and billowing above the pool with fatal brilliance, as though she stared into the heart of the twin suns.

Marc is a South African-born dragon masquerading as an author, who loves writing about dragons and Africa, preferably both at the same time. He's the author of 23 fantasy books in 3 languages (2 more languages coming this year - watch this space!), including 8 rip-roaring dragon fantasy bestsellers. Dragonfriend won a Gold Award for Fantasy in the 2016 IPPY Book Awards.   When he's not writing about Africa or dragons Marc can be found travelling to remote locations. He thinks there's nothing better than standing on a mountaintop wondering what lies over the next horizon.

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Blog Tour: Stories Untold by Leslie Wolfe with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today’s stop is for Leslie Wolfe's Stories Untold. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

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Can a psychologist, still grieving the loss of her husband, save a traumatized war veteran who is planning his own death? Stories Untold explores the devastation of loss, the struggle to find meaning in life, and the enduring power of love that transcends boundaries between past and future.   They’re both strong and fearless, determined, relentless.   He’s a decorated war veteran and he wants to die. She’s a prominent psychologist and she won’t give up on him.   When a suicidal client seeks her help, Dr. Angela Blackwell cannot turn him away, despite the fact that he isn’t seeking the kind of help she normally provides her clients. The man, who won’t fully identify himself, wants the distinguished psychologist to stand witness after his planned death in six months’ time, ensuring his wife will not be charged as an accessory or be hindered from collecting the death benefit he carefully provisioned for her. He calls himself DJ and won’t willingly share anything about his past.   As Dr. Blackwell is struggling to reconstruct her own life after the loss of her husband, she recognizes his unusual request as a subconscious cry for help and embarks on a relentless effort to guide the reluctant stranger in uncovering the trauma that has permanently altered the course of his existence. Playing a deck of cards stacked high against her and rushing against time, she has no other option but to intervene, pushing the ethical boundaries of the doctor-client relationship and refusing to give up.   An astonishing, vibrant story of human strength and frailty, of love lost and love found, the Stories Untold saga will captivate as few stories ever do, with unexpected twists and turns, leaving a lasting memory ingrained into the essence of the reader’s being.


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Dr. Angela Blackwell couldn’t bring herself to turn on the lights, although darkness had almost completely engulfed the living room, forcing her to abandon her reading glasses on top of the book lying open on the windowsill. In the deep twilight, she could still see the ocean waves foaming as they broke against the Pacifica shore, a good 200 feet below her terrace. Yearning for their soothing sound and the salty smell of the ocean breeze, she wrapped the cardigan tighter around her supple body and pulled open the terrace door. She stopped in the doorframe and inhaled deeply, savoring the salty taste of the misty air as it touched her lips. Fog was rolling in from the sea in large clumps of restless cotton, soon to engulf the house in white silence, hiding the ocean view from her blurry eyes. She stepped outside and stood by the guardrail, keeping her gaze fixed on the horizon line, barely visible in the deepening crepuscule and the dense fog. She closed her eyes and let herself feel the drizzle touch her face. Tiniest droplets of liquid chill she welcomed to take away the burning sensation in her forehead, to camouflage the tears that welled up in her eyes. After a while, the coldness of the mist reached her bones and sent a shiver down her spine. She shuddered and walked back inside, wiping the moisture off her face with the back of her hand. She stopped at the fireplace and rubbed her hands in front of the dancing flames, pushing the sadness a little further from her heart. Seeing the bright colors of the lively fire, enjoying the dry warmth, after being outside, helped her chase the shadows away. When she was sure of herself again and felt confident her voice wouldn’t betray her, she grabbed her phone and dialed one of the only two starred numbers stored in her favorites list. Waiting for Shelley to pick up, she put the phone on speaker and checked the time. It was late, almost eight-thirty, and that meant well past eleven at night on the East Coast. She knew her daughter well; if she’d gone to bed, her phone would be on silent, and she wouldn’t risk disturbing her sleep. “Mom?” Her daughter’s voice almost startled her. “Yes, sweetie, it’s me. I didn’t wake you, did I?” “Nope. Was in the shower, that’s all. Glad you called.” Soon the new generation would speak just the way they texted and tweeted. Who needs pronouns anymore? She felt a smile tug at the corners of her mouth, and she let it bloom. The sound of her daughter’s voice always warmed her heart. “Is water dripping on the floor right now, while you’re shivering and shifting your weight from one bare foot to the other?” Shelley laughed, and the crystalline sound of her amusement filled the room. “Nah… nice try though. Good visuals. Try again.” “Bathrobe?” she offered, enjoying their little game. “Um… close.” “Towel, then?” “Yup. Two of them, actually.” “I can call later, you know, to give you time—” “Nah… no need. I can talk to you while wearing a towel or two, right? You won’t be offended, will you, Mom?” She laughed in unison with her daughter, then the sound of their laughter made way for a couple of seconds of loaded silence. “I’m sorry to be calling so late,” Angela eventually said, poorly hiding a light sniffle. The cold moisture from outside must have clung to her, or something like that. Maybe fog had followed her inside the house, the unseen ghost of her lonely nights. “I hate this time zone thing. By the time I get home and I—” “It’s all right, Mom, you’re not disturbing me.” Angela forced air into her lungs, while her finger hesitated above the FaceTime icon. “Why am I not disturbing you?” she asked, managing to sound almost cheerful. “Aren’t there any interesting young men at Columbia anymore?” “Oh, yeah, well… that, uh…” Her daughter did that when she was uncomfortable talking about something. She poured all the pronouns and interjections she’d abstained from using in her tweet-like normal speak on a long breath of hesitation. “Okay, I get it,” she replied. “You’re still researching the subject, I gather. It probably needs more study.” “Well, I actually, um, met someone. Not sure though.” Pronouns had gone missing again; she was about to share more about her someone. She waited patiently. “He’s premed,” she added on the breath of a sigh. “Stars won’t align, that’s all.” “What’s his name?” she asked gently. “Do we have to give him a name?” Shelley pushed back. “That would make him real.” “And you don’t want that,” she whispered. “He must have a name, I’m assuming, but it’s all right if you don’t want to share for now.” A second of silence. “It’s just that doctors are better off with other doctors, Mom. I read somewhere that other professions, like business, for example, have difficulties understanding the demands of the young med student’s, then later, the doctor’s workload. There’s no work/life balance, and they’re always on call. Not to mention the hordes of hot nurses trolling those hospitals hallways, looking for prey.” Silence fell heavy after Shelley’s high-pitched argument had ended. Angela thought hard for something she could say, without bringing up the one thing they didn’t want to talk about. “You don’t have to marry him yet, sweetie,” she eventually said. “If you like him, date him for a while, and see where it goes.” “Why?” Shelley snapped, taking her by surprise. “So I can get attached to him, then lose him too?” “Maybe you won’t,” Angela replied gently. “As you might happen to know, not all doctors marry other doctors,” she added quietly. For a few moments, she didn’t hear a sound from Shelley. When she spoke, her voice was loaded with tears, shaky and choked. “I still miss him, Mom.” And there it was, tearing her heart to shreds and threatening to let out a long, wailing sob. She clenched her jaws and managed to control her emotions a little. “I miss him too, baby.” “I can’t believe it’s been five years,” Shelley continued, no longer hiding her sadness. “Feels like yesterday.” “It does, doesn’t it?” she managed to whisper. With trembling hands, she poured some wine into her glass and took a sip, hoping it would strengthen her heart. “I wonder what he would’ve said about Jamie,” Shelley said. A tiny smile formed on Angela’s lips. “Oh, so he has a name, after all. I’m relieved.” “I never got to talk about things with Dad. Real things, adult things, you know.” “You mean, like dating?” “Yeah… I know I have you, but I wanted a man’s perspective, that’s all.” “Oh, honey, let me tell you this,” Angela replied, wiping her tears. “When you turned fourteen, a friend of his from work asked him if he was ready to be the father of a dating teenager. You know what he said?” “No, but I’m curious.” Angela could hear the smile in her daughter’s voice. “He said, ‘Sure, I’m ready. I bought a shotgun.’” “What? Dad had a shotgun?” She laughed. “No, sweetie, he was just joking.” Another moment of silence, but this time Angela didn’t fear it anymore. “How about you, Mom? Seeing anyone?” “No... That part of my life is over.” “It doesn’t have to be, you know. You’re still young, and you’re hot.” “What? No…” “I’m telling you, you’re so hot. I’d take you clubbing with me any day.” “So, you go clubbing? Please be careful. All sorts of creeps are out there.” “Really? Change the subject on me like that? What, you think I’m thirteen and can’t figure it out?” “You’re right, I’m sorry,” she admitted. Her daughter deserved more than that. She was an adult, and she’d earned the right to be treated like one. “But I’m still not interested. I’m fine the way I am, I’m okay.” “Don’t you get lonely sometimes?” “Yes, I do, but that’s because I miss your Dad.” She stopped short of saying how she couldn’t sleep at night, tossing and turning after waking, believing he was somehow still alive, still in the house somewhere. Believing she’d had a bad dream, and he was actually downstairs, munching on one of his famous three-in-the-morning snacks. She didn’t mention how she worked late these days, so she wouldn’t have to come home to the nest that they’d built together, now barren. Shelley didn’t need to hear any of that; all she needed was to believe her mom was all right. She straightened her back and raised her head a little, forcing her body to act as if she were okay, in the hope that the weary mind would follow the body out of habit. “Give Jamie a chance, Shelley. A couple of dates, and you’ll find out if he’s a keeper.” “Oh, he’s a keeper all right,” she blurted. “You already decided on that? Only minutes after not willing to share his name?” Shelley laughed quietly. “Test drove him a couple of times too.” “Good girl,” she replied. “Now get to bed, young lady, it’s almost midnight, and it’s a school day tomorrow,” she added, putting enough humor in her voice to make Shelley giggle one more time before hanging up the phone. Then there was silence again.

Bestselling author Leslie Wolfe is passionate about writing fiction, despite spending a significant number of years climbing the corporate ladder. Leaving the coveted world of boardrooms for the blissful peace of the Florida-based "Wolves’ den," Leslie answers one true calling: writing.
Leslie’s novels break the mold of traditional thrillers. Fascinated by technology and psychology, Leslie brings extensive background and research in these fields that empower and add texture to a signature, multi-dimensional, engaging writing style.
Leslie released the first novel, Executive, in October 2011. It was very well received, including inquiries from Hollywood. Since then, Leslie published numerous novels and enjoyed growing success and recognition in the marketplace. Among Leslie’s most notable works, The Watson Girl (2017) was recognized for offering a unique insight into the mind of a serial killer and a rarely seen first person account of his actions, in a dramatic and intense procedural thriller.
A complete list of Leslie’s titles is available at http://wolfenovels.com/titles
Leslie enjoys engaging with readers every day and would love to hear from you.
Become an insider: gain early access to previews of Leslie’s new novels:

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5 spooky books you're reading right now

Cuckoo Song - Frances Hardinge Deadline - Mira Grant Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods: Twenty Chilling Tales from the Wilderness - Hal Johnson, Tom Mead What the Hell Did I Just Read - David Wong The Turn of the Screw - Henry James, Richard Armitage, Emma Thompson
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9 days to Halloween. If you're wondering what to read to feel the spirit of the upcoming night, check out what BookLikes bloggers are reading right now.


A blogger at Darth Pony is reading Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge  

Cuckoo Song - Frances Hardinge

When Triss wakes up after an accident, she knows that something is very wrong. She is insatiably hungry; her sister seems scared of her and her parents whisper behind closed doors. She looks through her diary to try to remember, but the pages have been ripped out.

Soon Triss discovers that what happened to her is more strange and terrible than she could ever have imagined, and that she is quite literally not herself. In a quest to find the truth she must travel into the terrifying Underbelly of the city to meet a twisted architect who has dark designs on her family - before it's too late.


A blogger at isanythingopen is reading Deadline by Mira Grant 

Deadline - Mira Grant

Shaun Mason is a man without a mission. Not even running the news organization he built with his sister has the same urgency as it used to. Playing with dead things just doesn't seem as fun when you've lost as much as he has.
But when a CDC researcher fakes her own death and appears on his doorstep with a ravenous pack of zombies in tow, Shaun has a newfound interest in life. Because she brings news-he may have put down the monster who attacked them, but the conspiracy is far from dead.
Now, Shaun hits the road to find what truth can be found at the end of a shotgun.


A blogger at Reading For The Heck Of It is reading Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods: Twenty Chilling Tales from the Wilderness by Hal Johnson

Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods: Twenty Chilling Tales from the Wilderness - Hal Johnson,Tom Mead

Meet the snoligoster, who feeds on the shadows of its victims. The whirling whimpus, who once laid low an entire Boy Scout troop. And the hoop snake, who can chase prey at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and then, with one sting of its venomous tail, cause it to turn purple, swell up, and—alas—die.
These and 17 other fearsome creatures are among the most fantastical beasts in American folklore. Their stories, as narrated by one of the last surviving cryptozoologists, are best enjoyed while sitting around a campfire. If you dare.


A blogger at What I am reading is reading What the Hell Did I Just Read - David Wong

What the Hell Did I Just Read - David Wong

From the writer of the cult sensation John Dies at the End comes another terrifying and hilarious tale of almost Armageddon at the hands of two hopeless heroes.

It’s the story “They” don’t want you to read. Though, to be fair, “They” are probably right about this one. No, don’t put the book back on the shelf – it is now your duty to purchase it to prevent others from reading it. Yes, it works with ebooks, too; I don’t have time to explain how.

While investigating a fairly straightforward case of a shape-shifting interdimensional child predator, Dave, John, and Amy realized there might actually be something weird going on. Together, they navigate a diabolically convoluted maze of illusions, lies, and their own incompetence in an attempt to uncover a terrible truth that they - like you - would be better off not knowing. Your first impulse will be to think that a story this gruesome – and, to be frank, stupid – cannot possibly be true. That is precisely the reaction “They” are hoping for.


A blogger behind Ani's Book Abyss is reading The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

The Turn of the Screw - Henry James,Richard Armitage,Emma Thompson

Henry James's classic ghost story The Turn of the Screwhas been enthralling readers for over a century and shows no sign of losing popularity as new generations continue to discover this chilling masterpiece.
The novella's anonymous narrator is a young woman, a parson’s daughter, who is engaged as governess to two seemingly innocent children at a remote English country house. What initially seems a idyllic soon turns nightmarish, as she becomes convinced that the children are consorting with a pair of malevolent spirits. These are the ghosts of former employees at Bly: a valet and a previous governess. In life, scandalously, the two of them had been discharged as illicit lovers, and their spectral visitations with the children hint at Satanism and possible sexual abuse. The book amply fulfills its pledge, laid down in the first few pages, that nothing can touch it in terms of sheer “dreadful—dreadfulness.”


What are you reading? Share the titles below.

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James Clavell
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Bram Stoker
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Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Discuss Their Favorite Television Show (Smart Pop series)
Yellow Blue Tibia
Adam Roberts
Her Fearful Symmetry
Audrey Niffenegger

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